Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Lovely 3 Days!

I have had off the last three days! Not only 3 days off, but Three Weekdays!! Heaven on earth. I can't explain why but I am way more productive on weekdays. I have always needed at least some free daytime during the week. For a while in my nursing career, I worked 'weekend option', every Sat and Sun and off Mon-Fri. that was Awesome! Until the kids went to school. Later, I worked in the Pediatric Oncology outpatient clinic at Hopkins. It will always be the most meaningful nursing job I've had. I used everything I was taught in nursing school about assessment, planning, continuity, family, and the whole patient. My patients were 'my kids' and their families were like family to me. Unfortunately, after so many years of a flexible nursing schedule, I had a terrible time adjusting to Monday thru Friday from 8 to 4:30pm. The workload was heavy, I rarely got out on time, and I hit rush hour twice a day. With the addition of such an emotionally draining specialty, it was too much and, with a breaking heart, I decided to leave after 5 years. I really needed a job that would allow me more flexiblity so that I could nourish my soul and regroup on a more regular basis. This week is a great example of this, last week I worked MLK holiday and then on Sunday and tomorrow I will work 16 hours. BUT, I have been off for the last three days!! I have both relaxed and been productive.
I have: 1. registered my AAQI mini quilt, as soon as I get its number, Tearful Broken Heart goes in the mail.
2. cleaned out and reorganized the pantry, broom closet, and kitchen island.
3. got my hair cut
4. played music (loud) and sang along (louder)
5. cooked a delicious turkey breast dinner for my hubby and son
6. caught up with the laundry (until my daughter just dropped by on her way to work)
7. caught up on all of the episodes of the current season of 24, yay Jack Bauer is back!
8. balanced the checkbook (I was 2 months behind), paid all the bills, and surveyed our current finances (with 2 kids in college)
9. sorted through and caught up with all of the paperwork that had piled up (I'm the family manager)
10. slept in every day, waking up with 2, sometimes all 3, cats on top of me.
11. finished the hand stitching on 10 of my orange peel blocks
12. watched 'Julie and Julia' while stitching, Loved it!
13. and.... last night I had to crank up production of more petals for my orange peel blocks. I was out of yellows so I worked on these. As soon as I hit 'publish post', I'm going to make some hot chocolate (with little marshmellows), heat up the little iron, get out the glue stick, pop in the movie 'Angels and Demons' and turn under the edges of these yellow petals, then pin some more blocks for sewing. Today I am very happy!


  1. Great job Lisa!!! Keep those blocks coming!!

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  3. WOW~ Can you come and inspire me to be that productive? Its funny... when I get home from work late... that feels like the time that I am most productive! I hate that! Because everyone is asleep and I am winding down from working all evening! Petels are looking great!!