Friday, April 30, 2010

Circles!! Delicious circles!

Remember this little tease last week? My scraps from a secret project? Welllllll..........
Check this out!! I am completely in love with this pillow. I saw something similiar on a blog (I'm pretty sure it was Quilt Dad) and knew I was going to have to try something like it. Here's my version. I made a bunch of circles and then snipped and trimmed and started building my little masterpiece.
My little love affair with solids continues. The background is shot cotton from Kaffe and the circles are ombre with little scratches on them.

I just feel like drooling when I look at this. I am really thrilled with it. I have an idea for a companion pillow. Not circles. Have you seen any of the ticker tape designs out there? I'll use the same fabrics, just different shapes.

Here's a picture of how I packed my batiks last weekend. Mmmmmm! I love how I can pick through it and see all of my different batiks.

Oooooo, lordy! I just want to drool and roll around with these.

Now, let's see if anyone is still with me. When I was sorting through all of my fabrics last weekend, I found quite a bit of flannel. Check out these pics.
Who can resist dots and stripes?

I'm really not in the mood to make a raggy quilt but does anyone have any suggestions for some simple quilts I can make these into. I've been thinking about just making some kids' quilts with simple squares. What do you think? Any other ideas for a quick and easy quilt?

ps Don't you just love Fridays? I can't wait til bedtime! I sure love my bed!!!! Goodnight peeps.


  1. The pillow looks fantastic!! It would make a nice quilt design too. can always just have a center rectange with a border. Can't get much faster than that!

  2. *Gasp* I LOVE your pillow! And I like the circles floating in the background and off the edges. At first I thought the "scratches" on the circle pieces were quilting lines. How cool would that be?

    Things to make with your flannel yardage: Kid's quilt with pieced rectangles or "bricks"; baby blanket with crocheted edges; pillowcases; pajama/lounge pants; cozy quilt backing; nap mat or simple quilt (large rectangle of fabric surrounded by wide border).

  3. I love Fridays and I love your circle pillow!

  4. What a fabulous pillow, it's absolutely gorgous! I saw Quilt Dads and had a touch of pillow envy then, and now I have it all over again! LOL This is something clearly to be added to the 'must do' list.

    The batiks are fab, I just love them, they have a life of their own! As for your kids quilts, how about a good ol' disapearing nine patch? Just a thought, easy but fun!

  5. What's not to love about the circles pillow the colours are fantastic and the design is gorgeous.

    Like your batiks organisation - perfect for selecting - enjoy.

  6. 3peat. Just sayin'.