Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Potholder fun!

It started when I fiddled around making a couple wonky churn dash blocks. There have been so many potholders around the blogging world that I couldn't resist playing. I chose to use grommets instead of making loops for hanging. I was so nervous cutting the holes, worried the grommet wouldn't work and I'd make a big mess. But, success!! (I did practice a few times first.) Then I figured I would go ahead and use the wonky 9 patch blocks. Here are some little woodland critters potholders.
I just can't stand how CUTE this hedgehog fabric is.
And then! Yesterday I got a Wisteria catalog in the mail and they had 'fish shaped' hand towels. That got me to thnking and this is what happened. Fish potholders. I ran out of grommets but these fishies will have grommet eyes soon. And I think I'll put rickrack on the top one too. You would not believe how long it took me to draw this simple fish shape. It was torture! I finally got my hubby to help me. Good grief!

I couldn't resist taking this picture. It's by the door in my sewing room. I always wear shoes into the room then kick them off to sew. Slowly, slowly, all of my shoes end up in there. I'm not sure where the other red slipper is though. I guess I'll have to start crawling around looking under fabric scraps. I'm closing in on 100 posts! Wow! Tomorrow I have some exciting (I think) news to share and I think I'll announce a giveaway too. Sew long!


  1. What a pot load of cuteness! LOL

  2. Cute potholders! I made some that were so cute, it took me a while before I used them. I wish you good luck in using yours! Happy sewing!

  3. cute potholders!!! I would have a hard time using them! they are so cute!