Saturday, September 18, 2010

Very happy to get to this weekend!

Feeling Fussy!!
I have been fussy cutting. Boy is it time consuming! Tile quilts have a lot of appeal for me. I decided to try one with raw edges. I am not using fusible and I'm not turning under the edges either, so I think I better use some tiny, tiny stitching.

I will probable do a fair amount of quilting to help out.

It's been fun poking through my scrap basket and other fabrics looking for designs to fussy cut. So far, I just have all the tiles pinned on. These blocks are 12 and a half inches square and I have no idea how big this quilt will end up. I'm really just playing around. I do think I should start stitching though because it may turn out to be a bit of a chore.

Feel free to give me any tips on how you would machine stitch these down.

I can't decide if I will use a skinny sashing or just piece the blocks together to look like a giant batch of tiles. What do you think?
On another note:
I work in the operating room at Johns Hopkins Hospital. If you saw the news on Thursday, you may have seen the story about the shooting in the hospital. Although it was an unnerving day, it was also a day to admire my employer and my co-workers. The level of professionalism was fantastic. We were on 'lockdown' for 2 and a half hours which meant we had to stay in place with the doors closed. I was in an operating room and we had just finished a case. The shooting occurred one floor above us but at no time did we feel in danger. The victim of the shooting was one of our own and was brought to the OR room next to mine. As soon as the lockdown was lifted, we went right back to work taking care of patients. The next day, there were several debriefings offered. At this time, we learned of the incredible job our security and administrative staff performed. After the Virginia Tech shootings, the security department made clear and detailed plans and procedures for just such an emergency. This Thursday, they put these plans into action and with the support of the Baltimore City police department, they smoothly and safely got everyone through a devastating event. I can't put into words the awe and pride I feel in knowing how efficiently and safely the incident was handled. I am proud to be a Hopkins nurse. Please keep the victim and the staff and patients of the floor that was directly involved in your positive thoughts and well wishes. Thank you and have a great weekend.


  1. Good to hear that in such frightening circumstances thee was great solidarity & professionalism...glad you are safe.

  2. glad you are ok!!

    I love the tile quilt too.

  3. Wow, Lisa, that's so amazing. God bless all of you.