Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There's a new quilt shop in town!!

I made this little quilty for a friend at work who just had her first baby, a boy. Guess what his name is, ha ha! Well, today she finally came back to work and I gave it to her. I don't know about you guys but I get a little shy when a crowd of people ooh and aah over my quilts. So, I gave it to her in the boss's office. And what did she do? Went right out to shift report and showed everybody! Thanks Reyna. She was very excited and I'm glad this quilt is going to be appreciated. Within the hour, another work friend asked if I could make him a queen size quilt. Yikes! I really don't do that. Sorry. What do you say when people ask you to make a quilt? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but quilting is my hobby, my passion, not my business.
In more exciting news----
The local quilt shop near me was sold months ago. My friends and I were quite worried and have been anxiously waiting for the grand opening of the new shop. Today was the day and I went straight from work, credit card in hand, hoping and hoping that they would have 'my' kind of fabrics. The 'Hoppin Bobbin' did not disappoint! It was not bad, not bad at all! Walls had been knocked down and the place looks spacious and new. And I found more than a few fabrics that I liked. They sell the cutest little fabric cuts called 'half bots'. They are 2 yards or less wound around a half size bolt. I am pretty sure that they are half bots not half bolts. I think. Well, anyway, they are too cute and when I bought two of them, I asked if I could have the cardboard inserts too. I don't know why, I guess I just like things in miniature, plus I think they will store well on a shelf. The new owner, Kelly, said yes. She's very nice and personable. I hope the shop does well for her. I plan to do my part, lol. So, I found some great fabrics, they rang me up........and the total was........$162.00. Ouch!! Tonight at dinner, I told my pal, Mr. 9patch, that I had a confession to make. When I told him how I hightailed it straight to the new shop, and how much I spent, he didn't blink. Good man, huh? Then he asked what I got. I started to tell him, then I stopped, started again and stopped. Hmmm? I got 7 yards of fabric plus a pattern and 2 half bots which were 25% off. A hunnert and sixty-two dollars? No way! I pulled out my receipt and guess what!? I bought a 2 yard cut of a fabric and they accidentally charged me for 8 yards. Yippee!! I'll call tomorrow and straighten it out. Why am I happy? Yes, I'll get some money back, BUT, now I know I can go back. If I thought I couldn't get out of there without spending $162, I would NOT want to go very often. Looks like the coast is clear for a return visit. Ooohh yeah! Tomorrow I'll take some pics of the fabrics and those cutie patootie half bots, and show them to you.
And I got started on a new project this weekend. Maybe I'll show you a sneak peek. I can't finish until I get some needed supplies that I had to order online. I'll tease you a little by saying this, it isn't something I've ever tried before but I'm still very excited. And I think I'll make one for my daughter too. Ok, that's enough chatter. I'll fill you in tomorrow after I get home from work.

Bye! See ya! Sayonara! Adios! Ah-ree-ver-dare-chee!!

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