Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wanna see some goodies?

Well, I decided to just spill the beans. This isn't finished but check it out, it's going to be Amy Butler's Weekender bag. Next month, my hubs and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, woo hoo!!, and we're going to New York for a weekend. I have had this pattern for a while and it seems like a good time to make it. The lining will be pink with dots too. I just have to wait for the zipper to be delivered. I bought material to make one for my daughter too. I'll show it to you soon. When she comes home for the weekend she seems to travel with everything in a plastic grocery sac. Like a little homeless girl. Maybe, just maybe, she'll actually use a real bag. I'll keep you posted, lol.
Get ready for some purty fabrics from the Hoppin Bobbin grand opening. I couldn't resist this red. I love polka dots, and the bubbles are so cheery. I saw these fabrics at the last moment. I think they are so cool. Subtle, but interesting. They have extra colors in them that are very subtle. I have never heard of STOF but I think I'll keep my eye on them.
The blue and green are beautiful, with hints of a purpley brown.

And this taupe also have some sort of purple and maroon in it. I think it will make a great background.

Now, do you want to hear what a dork I am? After I told you all about my little crush on the 'half bots' yesterday, I found out that they are actually 'half hops'. My mother checked out the Hoppin Bobbin today. She has a better memory than me, lol. I was showing off my treasures and she pointed out that they were 'half hops.' Oooooh yeah! That sound right. Yup, I'm a dork!

So! Aren't they cute? Short little baby bolts. I couldn't resist the stripes. Perfect for binding. And I'm getting to be a sucker for anything pink or with dots. Pink AND dots are irresistible!

My mom got me a little stack of Christmas fat quarters. I've been thinking about simple blocks, like bowties, flying geese, or just half-square triangles. Maybe a simple little xmas quilt.
I sure hope my zippers get here soon. And I sure hope the weekender bag works out. Have a great night people! Good night!


  1. The bag looks awesome! Can't wait to see how you get on with finishing it!

  2. I'll have to get to the new shop one of these days.....the red bubbles fabric is really cute!

  3. Cute bag!! And fun new fabrics!!

  4. Why are you ordering zippers? What am I missing out on?!?!?!