Friday, November 26, 2010


Well folks, I had a fun and happy and thankful Thanksgiving! Although I worked late the night before and had to get up to cook and tidy up, dinner was lots of fun. My daughter and I decided to do a little 'pregaming' while cooking. So we had some tasty sangria and got my sister-in-law in on it when she came. It's darn good sangria I tell you! The food was awesome and we were stuffed. Here is my daughter showing off her guns. She seems to think her right arm is more muscular from carrying her camera bag and/or purse. This is her normal type of outfit, she is never cold. Madness I tell you. I sure have a thing or two to say when I catch her turning on the gas fireplace while wearing a tank top. She's cute though, dontcha think?

After dinner we played a couple hands of a nutty word game called Bananagrams. I picked it up at Barnes and Noble the other day. It was lots of fun but there sure was a lot of loud 'discussion' about what words are acceptable. I tell you, Google can find a definition for ANYTHING. That's pure Madness! My family loves us some Sweet Potato Praline casserole. This year I didn't measure anything. I bought a lot of sweet potatos and cooked and mashed all of them. Then I put them in a giant bowl and started tossing in brown sugar, milk, and eggs. I made the topping with pecans, flour, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and butter. When I went to put the potatos in two casserole dishes, I discovered how much I had made. LOTS! I had to mix up more topping and ended up with 3 casseroles, one was quite large. I like to make sure we have leftovers for the next day but, oh dear, I think we'll be eating this for weeks.
Sweet potato madness!! My son and I just talked his friend into having some. Poor guy, we talked it up so much he had no choice.

So last week I finished this top using tumbler blocks cut with my Accuquilt Go. It went together quick and easy. I probably won't do anything else with it until after the holidays but I think it will make a great baby gift. I think I'll make more with this block, try different things, maybe piece together scraps and cut blocks from them. Want a confession? I am telling you this because I feel guilty and have to show you something.
Wanna know what the biggest madness was? Wellllllll, Thursday afternoon my friend, Kathy, aka Ms. Neat and Tidy, sent me a text that
my favorite quilt shop was having a midnight madness sale. Cool, right? I didn't say LQS did I? Nope, this shop isn't local, it's over 90 minutes away in La Plata MD. Material Girls Quilt Boutique was having a midnight madness sale. If you got through the door by 12:15am you would get 30% off your entire purchase. Oh good golly, heaven help me I said 'Sure!'. So I left the house at 9:30pm, met Kathy and another friend at an Ikea parking lot, we drove to another friend's house to meet up with two others and got to the shop with 10 minutes to spare.

We were fueled with energy from tasty Swedish Fish to counteract the turkey dinner earlier. Gosh I love these fish! I like to say 'shveedish fish'. It's just fun. Or mad. Who knows, I just do it. Shveedish fish!

Okay okay, back to the quilt shop. There were lots of people there and the staff were lots and lots of fun. They had plenty of door prizes too if you could produce various odd objects they asked for. I travel light so I didn't win anything but there were quite a few winners in our car. Maybe if I had Crocs shoes, or an ankle tattoo, or a military ID, or a recipe, passport, flashlight, Qtip, liquor store receipt, Nook, Kindle or speeding ticket in my purse, I would have won some goodies and wouldn't have bought A LOT of fabric. But I didn't, and I came home with a lot of loot. Such madness. (By the way, one lady actually had her passport with her! Do I even have to say it? That's madnes.)
Well here goes. Let's see the goods!
First of all, admit it, red with white polka dots is a staple. A chef wouldn't be caught without extra virgin olive oil, right? Well, just two days ago I was tearing apart my stash looking for a red with white polka dots and found none. So now I have 2.5 yards. A sensible purchase I say. And I snagged some cute holiday fabric with lots of lettering that looks cute with the dots. Awwww.

And bolts of all these goodies ended up in my cart. These are half or one yard cuts. I love those birdies! And how cute are the zippers at the bottom? Very fun.

Every year I say I don't need any holiday fabric but look at this layer cake. And keep in mind the 30% discount.
Look at these fabrics, three colorways! Two to three squares each. Love those reindeer and trees and cute, cute dots. I love that pink has found it's way into xmas colors, it's so cheery.

But wait, there's more. hee hee Not a ginsu knife, just more fabric. Do you think this looks bland? I had this charm pack and jelly roll in and out of my cart. I pondered and thought and hemmed and hawed.......... and then bought it.

I think this does look bland, not really a color combo I'm drawn to. So why did I buy it?

BECAUSE I LOOKED INSIDE!!!! Pink, orange, red, black, lime. Pez, sparkles, starbursts, dots, and mod designs. Cmon, admit it. Don't you just want to roll around in these strips? Oops! I just drooled on my keyboard.
Aren't all these purchases fabulous? Aren't I the luckiest gal around?
Well, guess what? There's more.
Listen people, it was late, I was tired, and I wasn't thinking straight.
I also got 30 fat quarters.
What? You couldn't read that? Fine!
Thirty, okay. I also got 30 fat quarters.
They were really pretty. They looked like candy. I was suffering from sweet potato toxicity.
I don't know why I got them, I just couldn't help it.
Two were just silly. Bright cheery fruit.

Sneakers. Seriously, why not.

And then I just couldn't stop picking up these soothing, pretty, pastel delights. Now these really are drool worthy.

I took other photos of these but blogger is being naughty tonight. I can only upload one picture at a time. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Now, th th th that's all folks! I got home at 5:10 am. Madness!!
Hey Lisa, what shopping did you do on Black Friday? Ummm uh well....... I bought myself some quilt fabric. Please don't ask about my holiday shopping. I am gonna do some real soon.
I have done some gift sewing. I'll show you some stuff with the next post.
Tomorrow, I am going to finish quilting my brother's quilt. That's my goal.
Goodnight everybody!


  1. WOW! I am so impressed with your excursion! The zipper fabric is a keeper! And thanks for your sweet potato pecan recipe-written the way that makes complete sense to me-throw it in style!

  2. WOW! I love all of your fabric!

  3. Next year I'm bringing more Swedish Fish, LOL!

  4. I am almost GREEN with envy!! What a trip!

  5. Sure looks like you had lots of fun.
    Lots of gorgeous loot there.