Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random Thanks!

First thing this morning I gave the first thanks of the day for my steadfast friend, Mr. Ibuprofen. That's right, I had a pain in my head. Why? Because last night I did a little taste testing from this jar. At 12:30 am, after a long shift and many hours after a dinner of yoghurt, a cheese stick, and a granola bar, I made a nice batch of sangria. I think I'll blame Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.
ps - it's a big jar so I put it outside to stay chilled. It's nice to know the raccoons didn't get it. They have been known to pull lids off our trash cans and carry off a turkey carcass. Goodness knows what they would do after a sangria party!! If you don't have this cookbook, you should put it on your xmas list. If you don't cook, then just get it for entertainment value. She's a hoot!

So I was poking through the Pioneer cookbook this week and realized she has this recipe for sangria. I've been having a love affair with sangria after having some at a Baltimore tapas restaurant, Tapas Teatro. Mmmmm, so tasty and with a nibble of fruit too. So when I saw this recipe, I saw the perfect opportunity to try it out. Thanksgiving!
It packs a punch on an empty stomach (although I did eat some almonds while I sipped away), but I'm sure a big dinner can take this villain on.

I will also give a shout of thanks for my old standby recipes. Some from this book and some scattered on all the papers shoved in the book. I make a killer sweet potato dish with a praline topping. I make it a little different every time because I combine several recipes and can never remember which way I do it. What I do remember though, is that it's VITAL to make lots of it. SO good for breakfast the next day, and lunch, and afternoon snack......................etc etc.

My favorite part of trying to figure out how to make it each time is my little notes. My sister, Hannah, emailed me one of the recipes I use. I added some touches from another source. How big is a splash? Anybody?

And I might as well thank my ugly old tree. He lives in the back, just off our deck. When I have old fruit, like the dried up lemons I found in the fridge today, I like to give my pitching arm a workout and see if I can hit the tree. If I can, I find someone around the house to compete with. Since it's a national holiday, I guess I'll tell the truth. I don't manage to hit the tree very often. It's harder than it looks, OKAY? But I have fun trying and maybe the squirrels and birds like a nibble. And, in my little happy place, I imagine a little orchard springing up around that ol tree some spring.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it and everyone else can have a Happy Thursday!!


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  1. Mmmm, I love Sangria, I must give this recipe a try! Happy Thanksgiving :)