Saturday, November 6, 2010


I still haven't unpacked from retreat.
I just keep stepping over the mess.
Do you have trouble putting the ol' sewing room back together? I think it's always a good idea to return from retreat with some handwork, like binding, to do. It gives me something to do while I wait for the motivation to get the workroom back in order. I used my weekender bag and it was PERFECT for a weekend's worth of stuff. I love it.
I snagged some photos of the quilting on my Halloween quilt today. I did something different for each row. I have been wanting to try pebbles and boy were they fun. I used them for the candy corn row.

How do you like the spiderwebs? I haven't washed the quilt yet so you can still see the white markings. I drew the spiderwebs on first. I tried one without marking and had to pick the whole thing out. Lesson learned.
For the star row, I did straight line quilting but changed the direction of the lines with each block. I just thought it would give it a little interest.

I just love the spider row!! I had to put another picture in.

It's hard to see but I did some echo quilting around the bats. To give the idea of the wings moving.

I just meandered in the background behind the pumpkins. I used black thread so it wouldn't show up too much.

Did you notice the little mistake that I made on the star row? I decided to leave it in. If you really can't find it, leave a comment and I'll tell you.
Tick, tick, tick......Christmas is coming. Do you give a lot of handmade gifts? If so, are they done yet? What are you making? I have a few ideas I'll share soon. Nothing original, just tidbits from around blogland.
Have a great weekend, I will!


  1. Those spider eyes are perfect!

  2. That quilt is adorable! And I love the weekender bag. I even enlarged the picture but can't find the mistake on the star row so, uh, let me know!

  3. this quilt is super cute!! I'm loving halloween these days and I LOVE the spiders :)

    Can't find the mistake?