Monday, December 27, 2010

My Very QUILTY Christmas!!

I must have been very good this year.  And I didn't even know it.  How else can I explain all the quilty goodness I received.   Would ya just look at this!  Do you know what it is?
Does this help?
How about this?

Surely this will give it away!

Look closely for a hint.
Too darn cute!

Just love it.  Check out the detail of those little starbursts.

Oh my,  I feel faint!  A friend tipped me off to an etsy shop that had Lizzy Dish, so I tipped off my hubsy wubsy.  That man sure can take a hint!  I really like Lizzy House and  regretted not snagging any Lizzy Dish while it was first out.  Thank you etsy!                       

But wait, there's more.  And it's no ginsu knife either.  Castle Peeps in the blue colorway.  Mmmmm.

My peeps!  My lovely blue peeps!

Half yards too.  What should I do with them?

I'm not done yet.  But, in the spirit of 'full disclosure' , I have to admit something.  Yesterday I went to JoAnn's.  I needed something, honest.  All out of red thread and I am still quilting a Christmas gift.  While I was there, I had to check on something this same friend told me.  I'll share it with you but you have to promise to treasure this VERY hot tip.  If you snoop around the little fat quarter bundles in JoAnn's, you can sometimes find designer fabrics mixed in.  No fooling people!  Look at this.   Two Lizzy House FQ's, from Red Letter day, bundled with some coordinating fabrics!  Seriously, this was deep in the bin, I had to do some digging.

And while I was digging, some other bundles fell (unnoticed of course) into my cart.  Poor little bundles, all they wanted for Christmas was a new home.  You wouldn't like to be stuck in a wire bin getting pawed at all day  would you?
This was such a tasty combo that I got two.  Listen, I had a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase, there's no sense in wasting it.

You might think I got these bundles for these showcase fabrics.   Wrong!!

I fell crazy in love with these subtle dudes.  The gingham is a lovely grey.  If I had seen it on a bolt, I would have gotten 2 or 3 yards, just because.  Same with the windowpane fabric.  It is such a nice sage green and so nice and calm, not showy at all.  Don't these just make you want to go cut up some men's shirts?
 Oh dear.  I just can't put it into words. Only a FQ of each!  And most SHOCKING of all is that I have already cut these up.  Let's blame the sangria, shall we?

I always tell my kids that alcohol can lead to bad decisions.  I'm hoping that it will turn out to be tipsy inspiration.  I'll share soon and you can decide.           

When I look at all of this luscious fabric.........I try not to think about the haul I brought home from the Black Friday Midnight Madness field trip. 
Luuuuuuuucyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  You have some sewing to doooooooo!  I am planning some New Year's resolutions to handle a syndrome I call    "Stash Overload".  There is a cure.  A sometimes painful but ultimately rewarding cure. 

And that brings me to some more of my quilty goodies.  Honest, when everyone in your family knows that all you want for Christmas is quilt stuff, you really get some cool stuff.   Remember when I said that I got the Accuquilt Go so people would know what to get me?  It worked.  Looky looky, lots of toys!  I tried out one of these last night (yes yes, after the sangria).  I'll get to that another post,  first I have to finish my shocking display of gifts.                                          

 Inspiration abounds!!   These books are so cool.  I can't wait to have some fun.

Thank you, Tonya, for writing  this book.  I tried free piecing words in Bonnie Hunter's workshop, and I discovered it is not easy for me.  I really have to work on the 'visual' of the word in my mind. 

Even Santa got in on the action and slipped a few mags in my stocking.  Thank you Santa!

I don't know about your household but we always seem to have one or two things show up that are fodder for lots of fun.  I bet you don't know what this is!    A keychain  Breathalyzer!  It only has two readings,  .05 and .08.   But, it also has a timer (?) and a flashlight.  I had to test it out of course.
 So, while we played a rousing game of Five Crowns (if you don't have this card game, you NEED it), I drank sangria and intermittently blew into my keychain.  I only got .05 but that's just fine with me.  I also lost the game.  Hmm, What does that tell you?


  1. What a treasure trove! I'm jealous. :) blessings, marlene

  2. WOW, are you sure all your Christmases didn't come at once? Lol, all that fabric will keep you at home and busy.

  3. Gorgeous much inspiration! Looks like there is lots of fun at your place.

  4. WOW what great goodies to inspire...Love the pictures. The Little Bird book i have and LOVE!!

    Enjoy having fun with your breathalizer toy how funny is that!