Saturday, December 11, 2010

Psst! Hey! C'mere. Need help organizing?

I have some super secret tips for you. I am so organized and prepared for the holidays that I feel guilty if I don't help others stay the same way.
So here it big tip. My little green moleskin notebook. This fits in my pocket and I've been keeping it with me all day every day. Last week I had a workshop to attend at work and some of it was a snore, so I made some lists in my little book. I also sketched a quick quilt design for a co-worker who is ill. I shared the sketch with my friends at the workshop. I felt it was my duty to keep them awake. There are all different kinds of lists. Shopping lists, gift lists, blog ideas, a list of brilliant ideas (I haven't got one of those yet), and several to-do lists. On the right is my to-do list for yesterday. Uh oh! I didn't cut greens, put away the laundry (I'm not sure but I think my husband is doing that right now, cross your fingers for me!), decorate, or talk to my son about his xmas list (he got out the door before I got to him).
Aside from the fact that my brain is so scattered, why would I need to write so much stuff down? Hmmm, I'm going to take a risk and show you something. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I lied about being organized and prepared. Scroll down and I will show you My Truth.
Ta-dah, voila, and OMG! What the hee haw happened in here? Well first I got busy and did some online shopping, and then when the boxes started arriving I piled them in here. Then I brought up the box of xmas wrapping stuff and you can see in the right lower corner where it blurped itsself all over the floor. See the Macy's bag? I shopped yesterday for my daughter's birthday. I can't explain the sweater on the ironing board or the belt on the table. I think one of the cats put them there.

Here's another, less shocking view. Notice the coffee mug? VERY important. Want another fast tip? Check out the little bag I looped on the table leg. So convenient and guaranteed to keep me tidy. Or maybe it's there because the other trashcan was full.
Don't judge me people!

Oh the time I wasted yesterday when I wanted to work on a quilt and needed to turn the iron on. Where is that %#&! iron?

Last night I decided to have some fun and make a Christmas garland. I've been itching to make a garland and I have a bunch of xmas fabric cut into pieces. I do. They are......................? Crap, I couldn't find them. I went and got my box of xmas fabric to see if I put it in there. Nope. More time wasted looking for it before I gave up. What do you think? Will it show up in January or February? Maybe I'll just wait and make a Valentine's garland.

I did make a couple wool ornaments and I got out my xmas buttons.

And my box of ribbon. Everything in it's place, you know.

Beads and floss and perle cotton.

And let's just bring in the big box of wool and find a spot for it.

All for these. Yes!! I am the Master of Time Wasting.
And the backs. I found leftovers from this quilt and just cut circles out of scraps that were already pieced together.

And there you have it. Holiday preparations Lisa Style. Please ask first before copying my work space, ha ha hee hee!


  1. oh thank you for this post. i worried i was the only one to carry a note book. nice ornatments.

  2. :) I see space on your table, so it's not that bad and there's still room on the floor! LOL I think it's a great sign of a creative mind at work. Good luck with the holiday preparations :)

  3. Yes, blame the cat! I don't even have that to blame my piles on. I have learned I need to SEE things to find them--or even remember that I have them. More shelves and clear containers. I am contemplating a ceiling storage system, big clips that hang from above and get everything off my horizontal surfaces. We all need personal assistants, or cleaning/organizing elves...

  4. at first i thought - hey, who took pictures of my craft space?! the worst part is, while i am looking for whatever i needed, i get sidetracked and start something else. so nothing ever gets done. thanks for sharing - nice to know i'm not alone!

  5. Darling ornaments! I think everyone's work space looks like this. It's just part of the fun right?

  6. Oh my goodness...LOL! I think we're related! My sewing area is so similar right now. I've been working away and straightening up far too little. Finding your coffee cup is like finding Waldo...and I didn't succeed. haha!!

  7. I LOVED this post!! I called my hubby in to have a look and he said:
    "What did somebody do, take a picture of your room and put on the web?"
    too funny!!!

  8. I came from the sew mama sew link and when I first started reading this post about how organized you are I thought, oh we have nothing in common. I can't follow this blog. But then I saw your craft room and realized we could get along. :)

  9. I love your workspace, but I wouldn't want to show it to my Hubby, he would wonder why mine is so messy. Yes you are organized according to me. But I see we think alike!

  10. Arrived here from Sew Mama Sew, and I'm SO glad to see I'm not the only one with a workspace that looks like a tornado hit or items that go mysteriously "missing." (Note to self: blame the cats more.) Of the two, I like the red ornament best.

  11. Separated at birth! I currently have 3 notebooks as I'm so unorganised for Christmas. It seems that when I have too much to do, I just make yet another list! My craft room also looks much like yours... it's the dump for stuff we don't know what to do with and I never tidy up after myself!