Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Playing with my toys!

Here ya go.  This is what I did with my goodies.  I took my new Drunkard's path Accuquilt die and my new FQ bundles, did some chopping and cranking and......wah lah!  I whipped up 40 blocks.  This is a view before I sewed the blocks together.  Lots of rearranging.   Wanna hear a little confession?  I can't bear squaring up blocks.  Booorrriiiiinnnnng!  So I didn't.  Some of these blocks were pretty wonky (curves, you know) but I say,  too bad!  If you watch Project Runway, then you know how Tim Gunn always says, "carry on."   Well, my first quilting teacher always said, "make it fit".  Sometimes I can still hear her voice when I'm sewing.                                                                                        
 All 40, sewn together.  With some pinning, stretching, and lots of STEAMING,  my seams are matched up.  And no time consuming squaring and cutting.  Hee hee, ha ha!    As I was putting this together, I discovered that the fabric with the letters actually spells 'baby' so I guess this will be a baby quilt.  I have a friend at work who's expecting and doesn't plan to find out the sex of the baby.  I guess this will be perfect for her.  All I need are some borders.  I'll root around the stash and see what jumps out.
Quick, easy, and most of all  Fun!    Now, I'm gonna go and find something else to chop up.  Wheeeee!


  1. Your quilt came out wonderfully! I wanted to let you know that the garland on my tree is a Martha Stewart pattern from an early magazine. I do believe she also put it in one of her Christmas books. My Mom made them for me. I hope this helps answer your question. Blessings!
    Renee from Sewn With Grace

  2. Lisa, I am looking forward to hearing how you like your Accu cut or whatever it's called. I've been looking at them for awhile.

    I love your Christmas tree! We ended up using two upended logs and I decorated them. We had a folk art tree! They really looked great, didn't take hours to decorate (more time to sew) no watering and no needles to vacuum. The logs came from a tree that was southern California grown, from the yard the house our son bought last month. DH will be turning those logs into beautiful bowls when I've removed the decorations! We're sure doing our part to reuse and recycle!

    from your friend in Diamond Bar, CA.

  3. I really love those blocks, wonky or not...and I must confess, I hate squaring up too! I am a nurse as well...glad to meet you!