Sunday, December 5, 2010

Every year it's the same.

About this time every year, I start berating myself about my lack of planning or organization. I sometimes tell my friends that I am an idea person. I can suggest all kinds of ideas for parties, events, decorating, crafting, etc etc but the organization and execution is a problem. In my little happy place I have an assistant (in addition to a cook and a handyman). My assistant could be the one to take care of the details such as gathering supplies, putting away fabric and , at this time of year, searching Amazon and other places for Christmas gifts. That's right friends, I am drowning in CHRISTMAS SHOPPING STRESS. I know I'm not alone, fess up people. I have two siblings out of town, they each have a spouse and one has two kids. These are the ones that I always vow to get done first to allow for delivery. Every year I say that and fail. The quilt headed for Nashville isn't done and so far only one gift out of four is on its way to California. It doesn't help that both my kids have birthdays during the holiday season.

So what do I do when I become paralyzed with the realization of all that needs to be done? Well, first I volunteered to host the BIG family party with dozens of people coming. I even suggested this year to have sports out front and a bonfire. Where's that #!%* assistant I need? Then I fuss at my husband about the clutter in the house, get him to bring the holiday decorations up from the basement to add to that clutter, and now I'm sitting in my PJ's at 1:30pm. I did just work 6 days straight and only have today off before going back for 3 more days. I got to bed at 1am. I did some online shopping this morning but it amounted to stocking stuffers and some little birthday stuff for my daughter. So what do you think? Less whining and more doing would be a good start wouldn't it?

Isn't this little selvage cute? I should listen to it and go work on the Nashville quilt.

I got these done a couple weeks ago. Gifts for my co-workers. They are quilted folios.

I had fun matching up fabrics and deciding what my friends would like.


Traditional with some fussy work for my boss who likes blue.

Love these fabrics.

Ten in all. Some have little spines to make them bigger and some are more like simple folders but still have the pockets inside. If I get time, I plan to find some pretty note papers and pens to put inside. I would really like to fuse letters or words on the fronts. Maybe initials or words such And this is why they will probably stay plain.

Remember this? My xmas quilt from a Mackenna Ryan pattern. It is now hanging in the living room. I really intended to embellish it with some hot fix crystals or something but haven't yet. And I just realized that there is a little stocking full of silvery fish that one of the puffins in the lower right is supposed to be holding. The stocking is made and stuck up on my design wall, I'll need to go get it.

And I haven't yet done anything about the smudge of blue fabric paint on this penguin's tummy. Seriously? Why didn't that land on the black or, better yet, some blue fabric? I had planned to put something there like a snowflake sequin but to tell the truth, white out is looking better and better, lol. I also have some twine to string together the sleigh, polar bear, and penguins like a harness. Oy! Time to get dressed and get busy.

So how do you handle shopping for out of town family? I really need some help. I am bored with surfing Amazon. Got any tips?


  1. We all get a bit hysterical this time of year... you will survive, find presents & enjoy the time with your family. Ideally it would be great to be super organised....but you are doing well...working so much AND making all of those lovely folios. Enjoy the journey!

  2. You get soooo much done, though! Maybe not what you thought you would get done, but lots all the same!! Give credit slips to special people, let them choose the fabric/project, and work on them at the next marathon!

  3. love the folios!!!! and why not skip sending gifts to adult siblings/family and donate money to a charity in their name instead.