Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another New York moment.

When my friends and I spent the day in New York, we did a lot of walking.  After seeing the gorgeous red and white quilts and spending our money in some fun shops, we were HUNGRY and tired.  The four of us who were heading home again on the Megabus had time for a nice dinner before hopping on board.  We did a little texting research and got a recommendation for an Italian place in SoHo.  Perfect, that's where we were!  With the address and our maps in hand, we started walking..............and walking................and walking.   Duh!  We turned on Broadway, not WEST Broadway!  Luckily, while we were on our trek, eagle eyed Stephanie spied this.

How cool is this shop window?  We crossed the street for a closer look and some pictures.

This is a clothing store call All Saints and guess what?  There were walls of shelves full of more sewing machines inside.

A few days after we got home, I saw this.  How cool would it be to be the buyer/collector for All Saints in charge of sewing machines!!

So don't worry, we did find the restaurant.  We had a lovely dinner and relaxing wine then decided to take a cab ride to the bus stop.  Wise decision. 


  1. Robert Frost wrote a poem about "the road not taken". He must have had our NY trip in mind. To think we could have missed this had we known where we were going!

  2. Lisa, that store looks awesome! I just started working on a sewing machine cover for my daughter with an old singer type sewing machine on the front! She would of loved that store!

  3. Fun times, except for ALL the walking! Great meal and good company.