Sunday, April 10, 2011

Can I interest you in more 'Red and White'?

I have loads more pictures from the show in New York so I thought I would have one more post of the quilts.  These chairs were in the center of the show. 


 Don't they make you want to gather all your best friends, some cocoa or tea, snuggle up and just have a giggle fest?

Of course one of the facinating aspects of this show was the variety of quilts in just 2 colors.  I was also completely taken with the range in complexity.  Some of the quilts obviously took a lot of time and detailed handwork like this one.

Some are simple but still require skill and time. (sry for the dark photo)

This was in the center of the show and , WOW, was it hard to stop looking at the center. And the beautiful corners!

I loved the red and white fabric here.  And how funny that if I saw it in a fabric store today, I might refer to it as modern!  Forgive me.

I recently stumbled across a topic in blogland about 'dumbing down' quilting.  There are different interpretations of what this means and I don't want to get deep into it.  I was mostly saddened that it sparked so much negativity and gleeful criticism.  I mention this because it was such a treat to see all these quilts, these absolute treasures, together.  From the simple tied quilts to the exquisitely appliqued and quilted, they were each a beautiful work of art.
How about this simplicity?  This was one of my friends absolute faves.  And by the way, the quilting was gorgeous.

And how about the simple designs that have been repeated over and over for hundreds of years?  Houses and boats. Anybody for a day on the lake?  Nuthin fancy here but isn't it so much fun?  Jaunty red boats!  This design is great for a baby or toddler but this quilt was full size.  Am I copping out by making so many smaller quilts?  Hmm, I may need to ponder that.

Talk about a simple block.  I find this quilt riveting.  One of the blogs I follow is Victoria's and she recently made a completely 'drool worthy' quilt with crosses.  Check it out here.  I want to make one of these, it's going on my 'list'.  I already have some color ideas.

Here's a quilt that I have to stop and examine.  Try to figure out how this went together.  Are there two different blocks alternated?  Where does this start?  Or end?    Eh!  Who cares, I LOVE this quilt.

Well, this one caught me eye.  Mostly because I find those critters just plain creepy.  I like the roosters, swans, and horses though.

In the back of the show, there was a cafe where we grabbed a quick brunch and hot drink (boy was it chilly that day and I was underdressed because  I didn't want to drag a lot of stuff around all day).  I couldn't resist these pictures of the quilts from the back.

Even from behind,  this exhibit was just stunning.  Many, many thanks to the Rose family and New York for a fabulous adventure. 
This exhibit may have been once in a lifetime, but if it ever pops up again or hits the road, GO!  Sell the house or kids if you have to, but 


  1. So glad I got to see it with good friends!

  2. Love your pics! We'll need to swap, 'cause I need to have some of yours!

  3. just so beautiful
    love and the reds

  4. You are so lucky to have been able to see the quilts in person...they are awesome...thanks for sharing your photos...
    I read those posts too...very disappointing to read such negativity and self-righteous judgments but of course everyone has the right to their own opinion...

  5. Great photos, it was fun to me you and the other blogger/quilter gals at the show. I don't think I"ll ever tire of seeing these photos. For me the beauty was in the hand quilting of them. Take a simple quilt of red and white bars, but then to have it come to life with all the amazing hand quilting. There was nothing 'dumb downed' in any of these pieces. Pure magic, that someone saved all these quilts and become the keeper of them to finally share with all of us! Wow!

  6. Would so love to see an exhibition which focussed on Red! These quilts are amazing, though they would probably be difficult to look at for any length of time.
    Amazing that you got to go see in real life. Must remember to sell the children if it comes back again!

  7. I just love those simple red and white quilts, lucky you to have seen them. Dumbing-down of quilts? If an easy pattern made with pre-cut strips encourages a new quilter, surely that's a good thing. Soon they will discover that there is a whole new world of fabrics, ideas and friends to be wrapped up in and that easy quilt made it all possible.

  8. How exciting that you got to see the "Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts"! It's too bad the exhibit lasted only six days. It was just too far to travel from California. Thanks for the gorgeous photos, Lisa! From what I read, there will be a book published with photos of all the quilts. I can't wait!