Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yesterday I really wished I had a tiara!

Sorrry I haven't posted in a while.  I've been at a low ebb.  My work/life balance is out of whack.  I have felt it for a while.  Last saturday I was so tired I slept in until 2pm.  Boy was I mad!!  I felt like I had wasted so much of my very precious free time.  On Sunday we went to New Jersey to see my husband's family and on Monday I worked 16 hours.  Ugh.  Sorry for whining.  This weekend I have 3 days off  AND I have asked my boss to meet with me to discuss cutting my hours back.  Wish me luck.
So what did I do with my Friday off?  First,  I got together with my little 'friends on the purple couch' and watched the Royal  Wedding.  I don't know how I got sucked into this excitement but maybe it's a way to escape my daily grind.

I couldn't find a tiara to wear so I sat in my pyjamas and had a pretend 'English' breakfast.  Porridge and 'tea' in my pretty teacup.  (it's really coffee, please don't tell.)

How cute are they?  I hope the media stays kind to them.

My husband and I had planned to go poke around a few antique stores.  I told him I had a wedding to go to but I promised to get ready right after the kiss.  I kept my word and we had a lovely time followed by a trip to the library.  I love coming home from the library with books of crafty inspiration and some great reads.  Now if I could get a little more time to enjoy them. 


I have been hard at work on the project that I can't share yet.  Here is a sneaky hint.  I am using solids and playing with Tonya's book.  That's all you get.

Thanks for being patient.  Now go and enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I am...enjoying my weekend, that is now that I've cleaned out the dog puke inside my car. had some errands to run, felt guilty leaving puppy alone so took her along for the ride...didn't know til today that she gets car sick! glad i didn't get cloth seats. Also enjoyed the wedding as well - we held a party at work, complete with scones, English muffins and a "wedding" cake! Cheerio!

  2. I love that you decided to make a fun time out of the wedding.

    Your work schedule sounds awful. It's never fun to feel that you work/life balance is completely out of whack.

    Hope the talk with your boss proves fruitful and you get some more "me " time soon !

  3. Hopefully the work/home balance will settle soon. I watched the wedding was lovely...PJ's and a tiara would have been fun with porridge.

  4. I have high hopes for (what's left) of the weekend. 3 or 4 little projects and maybe two little quilts to bind. We'll see.

    Love the sneaky peeky of your super secret project!

  5. Hope your working hours are improved. I'll be wondering what the sneaky project is now!