Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My PIPS have SHIPPED !!!!!!!

That's right people.  I got an email saying that some Sherbet Pips that I had pre-ordered are on their merry way to my mailbox.  I am SO excited.  I feel like I have been waiting forever.  This is the first time that I have fallen in love with a fabric collection before it was available.  The Pips designed by Aneela Hooey have gotten a ton of buzz.  I hope that means that they will be available for a long time.  I really don't want to start another eBay frenzy.
     Now I want to show you something AWESOME!!  My friend, Pat, received a gift from a friend who was in Japan for a while.  Look at this book, it's just beautiful.  Aside from the title and a smattering of French here and there, the book is entirely Japanese.  I can't even read the author's name.  I tried all kinds of searches on Amazon but just can't find this book.

Some of the later chapters look like they are about the author and her studio.  I so wish I knew what the text says.
 There is loads of applique and some embroidery too.  Unbelievable detail.
Looks like she covers the four seasons, right?

There are pages where it is clear that the author is showing ways to vary some ideas such as this one with hairstyles and hats.

I like this page because it shows how you can use the same basic shape and make completely different children through the clothing as well as switching between embroidery and applique.  She also uses an incredible variety of fabrics and materials.  Look at the little hat that looks knitted.  I think it was wool or flannel. There were adorable school scenes with little girls wearing little pleated skirts.  So     darn     cute! 
  There are pages and pages like this one.  Look at all the details.  Seriously,  the curtains,  the fabric she used for the view out the window, the laundry basket, hairbrush, lampshade, scattered clothes........  I'm in love!!!  How about the little crayons?  And that little pillow is 3 dimensional! 
Ok now.  If anyone knows anything about this book, please let me know.  I really really want one.  And I think I would turn myself inside out with excitement if found one in English.  I'm getting greedy aren't I?  Or dreaming.  Now I'm going to be really nice to my friend, Pat, so maybe some day I can borrow this book.  If I were her I would think twice though because I might forget to give it back.  Same on me.  Please don't tell her though.  Now go look at those pictures again and try not to drool on your keyboards!  G'nite!


  1. Lisa, not in English but it's listed on Etsy, here's one:

    here's another:

    on ebay:

    And just a little info here:

    It sure is a darling book!
    JoAnne in California

  2. Scan the text into your computer and run it through a translator program. The pictures are darling!

    I have yet to jump on the Sherbet Pips bandwagon but have not doubt I shall at some point. (By the way I felt exactly the same way about Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson you do about Sherbet Opis - it's been sitting in my stash now for well over a year waiting to be cut !)

  3. You know I am leaving both books to you in my will. But now that I've said that in a public forum, if I should succumb to some mysterious illness people will be wondering... Can't wait to see your PIPS!

  4. Gladys Knight is jealous of you