Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yoo hoo! Remember me?

I know! I've been an absentee blogger. I'm sorry. After 6 weeks off following my surgery, I had to go back to work. Boo hoo. One of my 'to do' tasks that I wanted to get done a few weeks ago was to hang up some of my mini quilts and wall quilts. Well, I finally got to it today.

I used Command strip hooks (these are the ones that stick on the wall and you can remove them without damaging the wall. I have small dowel rods on the backs of these quilts but I don't like how the hooks show at the top so I'll have to put some other hanger on the back of the quilts.

The top mini is the little landscape I made recently. The bottom one is from one of my Wild Thread friends, Shirley. Isn't it fabulous? It was for our summer mini swap and isn't it perfect for summer. I love how it looks on my red wall too. That border fabric is very cool. This is how they look from a distance. Boy! I really need to work on how I arrange these shelves. Well, I guess I'll just put it on the 'to do' list. Hardy har har, wonder when that will happen.

This is a little quilt I made on retreat last year. It's a woven quilt from Anna Faustino's book. It was great fun to make and I used a great tie dyed fabric for one of the woven fabrics. I really like the effect it gives. I saw this on the cover of a quilting magazine a few years ago and HAD to make it. There are over 1000 one inch squares. Thank goodness for strip sets! I designed the border myself. I am always pleased when I put some effort into the borders, I just wish I would put in that effort all the time. That sounds like a good resolution for next year. Hope I remember it.

My friend, Kathy, made this wall quilt. She used Shiva paint sticks to make the inner blocks after making her own stencils. She made it as a gift for someone else but I was doing some serious coveting so she made a deal with me. I made an adorable Bunny pillow from a free pattern on Kelly Wulfsohn's blog, Don't Look Now. Kathy was nuts about it, so we traded. Win-win!
The last three photos were taken of quilts hanging on yellow walls. I really need to work on my photography skills because I don't see any yellow at all.

I promise another post this week. I am going to give y'all a progress report on my New Year's resolutions. How do you think I'm doing? Will I make it? It's the halfway point but I won't have as much time once I start making things for the holidays. I need to get cracking this summer. How are you all doing with your quilting resolutions? You made some didn't you?

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