Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting in some piecing action.

I am feeling productive this weekend! Look what I made from scraps and leftover 4 patch blocks I found. I signed up to participate in a scrap swap at the 15 minutes blog. While I was sifting through my oodles and oodles of scraps, I found lots of 4 patches and strips of muslin and 30's prints. So I spent a few hours yesterday and put together this top. When I finish it, I am going to send it to Home Basics in New York.It's not huge but it's nice for a baby or young child. I love making crib sized quilts, they are so much easier to quilt. Not intimidating at all.
I also dug this out. If I slap some borders on it, I'll have another finish soon.

More!! I should dig through my scraps more often. About five years ago, I went on a medical mission to Peru. We did surgeries on children way up in the Andes Mts. I made and collected 80 quilts to take. Here are some leftover blocks from that. I cut TONS of strips in different widths, made a bunch of strip sets and then played around with them. I still have lots of strips left so I think I'll have some playtime soon.

Look at those points in the center. Pretty good job, huh? Sometimes I impress myself, ha ha.

Then I found these bowtie blocks. I made these just as I was becoming intrigued with quilting. I saw an Alex Anderson 'Simply Quilts' episode that featured this block. So I scrounged around the house until I found some fabrics and made these. Soon after, I took a Stack n Whack class at the local Jo-Ann's and that was the end of any free time for me. All of my spare time from then on has been spent sewing or thinking about sewing. I think I need to make a few more bowties and make a crib quilt from them. I love modern bright fabric but also love these old classic block designs. Aw shucks, it's Sunday evening and I need another weekend for playing. Have a great week everybody! And guess what? My baby (laptop) has been discharged from the Geek Squad hospital. I'm back in business blogging. Woo hooooo!

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