Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yoo hoo! Soliciting opinions!

Lend me a hand will ya? I want to make a quilt for someone. I have this pattern for a quick and easy star quilt. I decided to use some of my Cherrywood fabrics and some black and whites. I really can't get on board with how the center looks. This is distracting. I think the darker triangles stand out too much in the center. So I took them out. I'm still not happy with the triangle action here. It still distracts me.
So I rearranged the triangles so the center would be 4 squares instead. Much better, I think. But it's a big plain center there. I could try to do some fancy-ass quilting there (not really my forte, but I could try).

OR...... I could put some applique in there. I could use the bright Cherrywoods and put something there. You can barely see the basket of flowers here, but I could enlarge this pattern and try something. So what do you think? I'm not making this to be a wall quilt, I was thinking more a sofa size. What would you do? Sadly, I don't really know the colors or dcorating style for where this is going. It's out of state and I'd like it to be a surprise. So help me out please. And by the way, such an easy pattern, I think I'll make a couple more.

And I am still serving penance for my shopping spree. I haven't let myself even open the Go box yet. First I had to finish this quilt for the Home Basics group in New York. I'll get it in the mail tomorrow. I snagged a spot for my guild's retreat this coming weekend so I think I'll use the Go to cut up lots of fabric to take with me. Then I can really get some stuff done.
Oh yeah! Santa's workshop is open for business!
Share your thoughts on the star quilt, you know you have some.
Have a groovy week everyone!


  1. What if you arranged the hst into a pinwheel arrangement in the center? Using the darker black and whites for the pinwheels? Keep playing, it will come to you!! gail norback

  2. I think if you keep it squares in the center and then add 4 small squares of different colors in the center of that it would tie it all together. Have fun playing around!

  3. I'm with the fancy-ass quilitng (but then that's my thing) but I like the idea of the applique pattern enlarged and used for the fancy-ass quilting (Ilove that expression!) I think you have to go back to what you were trying to achieve with the original idea, and then progress that idea on.

  4. I like your original version! I can see a black and white border and a binding made up of multiple cherrywood fabrics!