Friday, October 22, 2010

What have I DONE?!!

I am grounded. In time out for irresponsible behavior. Sitting in the corner thinking about reckless spending. Hanging my head with hints of buyer's remorse. There will be an appropriate punishment as soon as I figure it out. I will enter the quilter's confessional soon but maybe I can generate some goodwill with some savvy additions to the stash. My guild had their quilt show last weekend and I was able to pick these up for $6.
That's right, you read it right. Just $6 for over 13 yards of fabrics that are perfect for backings. Piecing backs is a chore for me and most of my larger pieces of yardage are fabrics that I love too much to use for a back. So this is smart shopping, right? C'mon, say yes, help me out. I've been so naughty.

Okay, I am inching towards the confessional. Still thinking of what the quilter's equivalent of a zillion Hail Mary's is. The fish had NOTHING to do with this. I'm just trying to distract you. I got it recently for a pittance at Pier One. I just had the family room painted. The walls are pale aqua and the fireplace is bight red! I saw the fish and knew it would be perfect on the mantle. It was on sale and had a little scratch on the tail fin, so they gave me 20% more off! Then the nice lady pulled out a brown marker and made the scratch disappear. Woo hoo! Okay okay, I digress, and stall, and otherwise try to avoid the dirty truth. The fish sits upon my shameful secret. Just keep in mind..... IT WAS ON SALE.

I didn't plan this, I swear. JoAnn's had batting by the yard half off and I needed to stock up. I went to get only batting. I just wanted a little peak at the Accuquilt Go. And see if they had the tumbler die that I seem to be obsessed with. I have NEVER seen the Go on sale, EVER! And JoAnn, bless her heart, marked it $100.00 off. I do not lie. One hundred smackers off. Now let's keep in mind that this will help a lot of people out.
Can't decide what to get Lisa for Christmas? Yoo hoo, get her a new die for her Go.
See? The Go itsself was just too expensive to put on my list so I made it possible to put the accessories on it. Not so foolish huh?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's baloney Lisa. You splurged, admit it. Swallow that bitter pill and face the music.
So if you have any ideas for ways to redeem myself, please help. I don't like this panic feeling of fiscal recklessness. Do you ever think, 'just great, what if I drop dead and my family is stuck with all this crap' ? I need to get some good use out of it soon.
I am thinking I need to commit to some charity and gift quilts. Just yesterday I took this quilt to work to give to a friend of mine for her mother. Her mom is very ill. So I need to get some more 'just in case' quilts into the queue. And I'm almost finished my scrap quilt for Home Basics.
How about I see how many quilts I can make for xmas gifts? I just found out that there is one spot open for retreat, don't you think I should go and try to redeem myself with some hard core piecing of tops?
Enough whining right? My plan is to concentrate on awesome holiday sewing and in January, I will sew charity quilts like there is no tomorrow. Busting stash and making charity quilts. I WILL overcome this blot on my sensible reputation!!


  1. Ohhh GO! I am impressed! Congratulations. Can I be your sewing buddy? Hahaha!

  2. So how do you like the "GO"!!!