Monday, October 18, 2010


Finally! I know I kept you waiting a long time but, seriously, wasn't this worth the wait? Circa 50 organic cottons from Birch Fabrics!! I find it so hard to take my eyes off these. They are pricey, I'm warning you. Luckily my mother gave my hubby and I some anniversary cash to spend in the Big Apple. It made it possible for me to snag some of these without too much guilt. (psst-the other day Mom asked Jon what he got with his share of the $$. He said he didn't know. ooops! I swear there is still some left, but that cello he was trying out at the Sam Ash store just wouldn't fit on the bus with us.)

Birch Fabrics are so cool!! They have awesome selvages, almost 2 inches wide! I just love the birdies in their logo and the houses too!

I got a couple of the companion prints. One of the photos, I just accidentally deleted and the original in on my husband's computer (remember the whole Geek Squad hospital etc?) You can see a smidge of it on the edges of this photo and later with my blocks. I really like it, it's kind of a greenie yellow color with Flintstone type boulders on it. Meanwhile, this one is fun too. These colors are bright but a little muted. I find them very intriguing.

What do you think? Did Rob and Laura Petrie live in a house like this? Oh gosh, I know I just dated myself big time. Please tell me that some of you watched the Dick van Dyke show. Please!!

I just played around and put some blocks together. Then I measured them and not ONE SINGLE ONE of them was the same size. Good grief. You wouldn't believe how indecisive I can be when it comes to settings.

I also got these at The City Quilter. The fabric was labeled cross weave or something like that but I think it looks like shot cottons. I got the perl cotton to do some rustic hand quilting. Everyone needs to now take a moment to ROFL. I have never done any hand quilting but over and over again I make plans to do some. Oooooh ha ha ha!! Maybe, just maybe, this time I mean it. They had so many colors of this perl cotton, I wanted them all.

I also snagged this pack of charm squares. So cheerful.

Doesn't it make you feel like you just wandered into the sock department for pre-teen girls? Look at all these fun brights.

When we walked around SoHo, we found a place called Pearl River Mart. I could have gone nuts in there but it was the first store we had gone in AND I knew anything I bought would have to be lugged all over New York and then carted home on the bus. That helped keep me under control, but what a fun store. Luckily they had a nice little bench for the husbands to sit on. If you wanted fabric, you had to find a store employee who would write up a receipt, then you got in line and paid for it, then you went back and they would cut the fabric. Interesting system, but it was worth it to me. I got these two yards of oilcloth. I am going to try to make some folios out of it for xmas gifts. Seems like a good idea. I hope it works better than this did.

And I also got this at Pearl River Mart. It's 100% cotton and about 60 inches wide, great for backing, yahoo!

I think it's time for Santa's workshop to open and start stitching gifts for my friends, co-workers, and family. I definitely need to start looking through blogland for ideas. If you see any good ideas, please share. I am ready to get busy!! Boy do I regret not going on retreat with my quilt guild this fall. Foolish mistake, foolish!


  1. What a fun post! Lots of gorgeous goodies...all the fabrics are droolworthy! That red backing is stunning. love your blocks too!

  2. There may still be some openings for the retreat!!