Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's talk......New York City!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Megabus!! For making it so easy and frugal to get to the Big Apple and not have to worry about parking. We had a great time and I can't wait to go back. I knew that if we could conquer the subway system, the whole city would open up to us. We bought unlimited ride cards and took off. With my indestructible NYC map in hand, we hit the pavement. I'll tell you about this little cutie at the end of this post.Friday was rainy but we were prepared with umbrellas, and we headed for the Folk Art Museum. I don't want to say I was crushed, but I sure was disappointed. They have an exhibit on women's art (lots of quilts you know!) and it was closed for some renovations or construction. It's an open and airy space and I was able to see some of the closed exhibit from the stairwell. I tried to take a picture of a lovely quilt and a security guard told me I couldn't. Bummer!
Friday evening we went to the West Village area and saw the Flying Karamazov Brothers. What a lively area that is with New York University so close by. We felt so safe and enjoyed walking through Washington Square Park late at night. Saturday was all about taking the subway everywhere, seeing, eating, and shopping.

Sunday was checkout day, and I was starting to get tired. (I had a crazy work schedule the week before) We poked around some flea markets and went to Madison Square Park where they had a very cool 'flea market/crafts/art festival' type area. And that is where I got this! Have you figured it out? A necklace full of little felted wool balls! It is so fun to play with. I can wear it just as a necklace or (check the first picture) double it and make a choker. The little balls make it easy to tangle and keep it place. I have to admit though that I needed help getting it off, lol!

Well folks, I think you are looking at my favorite new accessory. I went out with two of my cousins the other night and I picked through my closet until I had an outfit that would go with my new feltie necklace.
It's time to return this computer to it's charger. (I borrowed it from my hubby) I hope when I get my laptop back from 'surgery' that they were able to salvage the photos in it. I put all of our New York pics on it and foolishly didn't back them up. Dumb, huh?
Sorry if it seems like I'm teasing, I really will show you the fabrics I got, very soon. I just had to show off my feltie first!
Enjoy the weather today! Autumn is so fleeting!


  1. Shame about the exhibit being closed, but otherwise you had fun. Love the necklace!

  2. Bring it to FGQG meeting on Monday for show-and-tell!!