Friday, January 21, 2011

Exhaustion: noun, the state of being exhausted, extreme weakness or fatigue.

This past week, my work schedule was crazier than usual.  We had a very high risk case on Wednesday so I worked a 16 hour shift that day.  I could have gotten overtime pay but I chose instead to have off today, Friday.  Yay!  I'm really pooped but I will make good use of my day.  First I had to take two cats to the vet.  Last night my husband and I went and got 2 new cat carriers.  Silly Mrs. Puff thinks this is one fine place to hang out.  She even slept in it last night!                      

Tomorrow is a sewing marathon with my friends in my mini group, The Wild Threads, and I also invited members of the brand new Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild.  I plan to pack up my projects, machine, sew-ezi table,  coffee makings etc etc and be ready to roll out first thing in the AM.  We are doing a Mug Rug swap, I'm ready for that.  We are also playing a dice game called Left, Right, Center.  Everybody starts with 3 items (fat quarters tomorrow) and one person will go home with ALL of them.  Hope it's me! 

I'm taking my camera tomorrow and will get lots of photos of everything the happy quilters are working on.  And maybe some great shots of raucous behavior involving fat quarters and dice!     Well, what do you think, should I just keep this cat carrier out and let Puff use it for a bed?


  1. It will make it less scary for her when she goes to the vet. My cat hates her carrier, but doesn't mind the vet strangely. Maybe see if she will just use the cushion. Cats like fleece.

  2. I'd let Puff use it for a bed as she won't relate it to vet visits if it's an everyday thing. Lol, she looks v-e-r-y comfortable! Have fun at your sewing group and hoping you win the FQ's.

  3. I think I would let Puff have it.

  4. Sure wish I could be there tomorrow...miss you all and am looking forward to the pictures. Don't forget your radio :-)