Sunday, January 30, 2011

Workshops available at my house.

I have a personal deadline to get these blocks turned into a quilt.  I know exactly what I want to do but just can't find a background fabric I want to use. I've been digging around in my stash and auditioning fabrics.  I really wish I had Kona Ash or a grey gingham to try but I don't have them and I'm on a fabric diet AND I don't have time to order something anyway.  I got these cool mod fabrics, most are from Birch, when I went to NYC in October.                                                                       

While I try to make up my mind, I have decided to offer a few classes over here.  The following are available:  
- 'How to load dirty dishes into the dishwasher'
- 'How to put the sugar back in the pantry'
- 'Directions from the den to the kitchen and how to carry dishes while walking'
- 'The closet floor isn't for clean clothes any more'
- 'How to navigate the Hair Cuttery system and receive a haircut'
- 'How to flatten a cereal box before putting it in the recycle bin'

Is this little scooter cute or what?                                     
 The workshops are geared to the college age-group.  We will not have 'How to make your bed' this semester as that is a post-graduate level course and there are no applicants at this time who are prepared to tackle such high-level techniques. 
     'How to keep your car clean' also will not be offered this semester as that is  post-doctoral level training requiring a committment to a year long fellowship.

     LOVE these mod houses!!!  Do Rob and Laura Petry live here?  (remember them?  Dick van Dyke show?   hello? anybody?)                                             

I just love these chairs, especially the detail of the bird.
 Ok now,  enough frivolity.  I need to get back to digging through my stash.  I may just resort to white but I don't want to feel that I settled for second choice.  Suggestions are welcome!


  1. LOL ... those workshops sound real interesting, I have a potential candidate for you! ( Confess I may need the ' how to clean your car' myself! Ooops) Love the birdie on the chair but I'm afriad you lost me with the show reference (being a Brit and all!) Do you have tiny pins spot on white in your stash? That might work!

  2. I'll search my stash & possibly there could be some trading of fabric. Since your design wall really shows off the blocks, I would stick to Trudi's suggestion. Let me know when enrollment opens for post-doc fellowship - I will refer my neighbor, aka, oldest daughter. Especially when I have to borrow her car!

  3. I remember wanting to give some courses at my house when the boys came home from college. They don't live with me anymore but I still have two rooms full of course worthy items. Just One More Thing... your blocks are awesome!! I have no suggestions for you, but I have great confidence that you will come up with something great.

  4. Laura and Rob Petrie....loved her capris pants. And his entry into the sunken living room was a classic!!

  5. this quilt is absolutely adorable - I'm loving it and super happy you went with stuff from your stash instead of something grey :)

  6. I think you should start an online university! I do love your blocks, and my husband thinks "The Dick Van Dyke Show" was the best television evah (even though it was before his time).