Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not sure when this happened!

I'm a football fan.  It's a recent transformation for me and it's because Baltimore is so darn cute when the Ravens play and especially when they are doing well. (plus I adore Joe Flacco)  If you are not into football  or if you are a Steeler's fan, please bear with me.  Baltimore gets a little excited about the Ravens.  And today is a BIG game.  Our longstanding rivalry with the Steeler's combined with an important post-season game has ramped up 'purple frenzy'.  Last night at work, on purple Friday, many of us were wearing Ravens scrub hats.  We have a big bulletin board at the OR entrance covered with Ravens photos.  And guess who came to visit my operating room?  A team of surgeons from Pittsburgh!!  Boy were we ready for them.  We plastered the room with Ravens pictures.  We have a huge flatscreen hooked to the computer (for showing scans and xrays) and we put the Ravens logo on it.  All in good fun of course.  They had Steeler's hats on and there was friendly ribbing back and forth.
     So if you don't mind, please cheer for the Ravens today.  I'm going next door to my brother's (he has the biggest TV and he is a master chef on the grill).  Just to show that it's all in good fun, we invited my cousin, Kate, and her husband, Frank.  They are Steeler's fans.  My big jug of killer sangria is mixed and marinating outside on a snowy table and I have the makings for my fabulous dip ready to go. It's sinfully easy.  How about I post the sangria and dip recipes tomorrow?  Have a great day and I promise a quilty post this weekend.     


  1. Since my Eagles are out of it, I will relax and enjoy this game. It should be a really good one!

  2. I think I need your sangria recipes... recently had a delicious white sangria at Bonefish, and I had a peach sangria at Bertucci's this summer...nice variation on red sangrias.....

  3. Oh no, so very sorry for the loss. It was a great game though.

  4. I could have used that sangria during the third quarter.

    And I'm still bitter......