Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking forward to a productive 2011.

Resolutions?  Goals?  Plans?  Whatever you call them, I am putting them in writing right here.  I did it last year and it really helped me hold myself accountable.  So here goes.                          Numero uno:  I will continue to clean, sort,  rearrange, and organize my studio and all of the 'stuff' in it.                                    

Second:  I will no longer let scraps control me.  I will gain control, I will.  Bonnie K. Hunter's system seems like a good place to start.  Let me be clear, I will also USE my scraps.  I will continue to participate in 15 minutes play.  Oh yeah, I also refuse to feel guilty if I choose to throw away some of my  scraps.                                                              
 Third:  I will play, play, play with my new toy, the Accuquilt Go.  I may use it to help me conquer my scraps and I will definitely use it to make fast charity quilts and baby quilts for friends.                                                                                                                                    
Fourth:   I will once again make a dent in my UFO's.  I commit to finishing at least 4 that remain from last year's lineup and at least 2 that I seem to have created in 2010.
 Fifth:  Enough with the accumulating stash Lisa!  If you look at my right sidebar, the top button is Fabric Diet.  I committed to one.  I will not buy any fabric for 2 months, starting Jan. 1st 2011.  How hard can that be?  And I will start using up what I have.  With my Go, I can start cutting up some of my older stash and make plenty of giveaway quilts. 
Luckily I did a smidge of shopping just before the 1st. Keepsake quilting was having a great sale and I couldn't resist this retro print that they were practically giving away. I know just what I want to do with it and I promise to make it soon.  I kinda need 3 coordinating fabrics so let's hope the ol stash coughs them up. 
 I also got these three patterns for about $5 each.  I have loved them for a while so I snatched them up.  Gee, I really need more xmas patterns.
 Sixth:  This isn't very quilty but I plan to continue to try to find the humor in my life.  I am working hard at having my glass half full not half empty.  I got this little bag at BlueQ.  What a fun website for shopping for stocking stuffers.

Seventh: don't belong here..........this is your only warning.............I'm coming for afraid!!   I can't believe I ever thought it was ok to label a box 'junk'.  I mean, if it's junk why keep it?   If I can't find another category for something, it's outta here.  That goes for clothes that don't fit (within reason) and other strange things in the bottom of my closet or the depths of a kitchen cabinet.  

I think that's about it for this year.  Pretty soon I will revisit last years resolutions and results.  I did pretty well.  I'm so surprised!


  1. You made FABULOUS progress this year on your quilts and goals, and this weekend on your room... correction... STUDIO!
    Next thing to tackle is your linen closet! I really like opening it up, and nothing falls on my head anymore!

  2. Love the resolutions...good luck. That Christmas fabric is super cute!