Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wanna know what keeps me from posting more often?

Lack of pictures ready to go. I can always think of something to say but I like to have something for you to look at. So tomorrow I am going to load up lots of photos in my folder so I always have something. Anything inside or outside of my house is fair game. Warning! Warning 9patch family!! I may be pointing the camera your way! If 9patchboy sleeps too late, he'll be photographed looking lazy.
Look what I won on retreat! The small tin of Guterman thread was from winning our 'loud and crazy' bingo game. The other YLI iris thread was a Fabulous prize. Throughout the retreat weekend, Nancy hands us tickets. The last one to go to bed and the first one up usually get extra tickets. We also ask constantly (beg, really) for extras. "Hey Nancy, Chris is picking on me. Shouldn't I get a ticket for sitting next to her?" "Nancy, I finished a row, can I get a ticket?" and so on, and so on. She draws tickets on the last day for 'Fabulous' prizes. You can only win once and wasn't I excited to get this colorful thread. I have just the project for it, I'll show you soon. This! was a $3 blouse from the Thrift shop. I cut it up and the front with the button closures will be the back of a pillow that I'm making. I can't show it yet. The Wild Threads are having a pillow swap in a couple weeks and this might be my donation. Although I found a new blog with an awesome pillow tutorial today, I might want to make that one. More on that later, I want to keep a lid on what I'm doing. Anyway, I saw this idea of using a shirt somewhere on a blog. I'm so sorry that I can't remember which one. It's a great idea though and a great way to recycle old shirts from family or thrifting. I found that the women's shirts were priced lower than the men's and they are certainly more colorful. I got about 5 or 6. A couple of them fit me and my daughter said I should keep them, we'll see.

Look what came in the mail yesterday!! This was my inspiration for the border on my retreat quilt, and I decided to just go ahead and get the book. Judy's quilts are so colorful, I can't wait to make one. The backgrounds take a lot of fabric though, and I'm not sure that I have any cuts that big. I'll have to check. I gained 9 yards of fabric this month and really need to start using my stash. The back of my retreat quilt should help though. I'm going to work on that soon. Judy also has a cooking blog and she put some of her recipes in the back of this book. Easy recipes for dishes that will be cooking while you are sewing on the weekend. She's a smart lady! Check out her blogs here and here. Her stories about her chickens are hilarious.

Last but not least, here is an item that is perfect for retreats and sewing marathons. I took an old TV table and covered it with batting and fabric to make a small portable ironing table. My friend, Chris, went one step further and made the cover removable. That way she can still use it as a TV table and she can wash the cover. I was lazy and just cut up an old bedsheet and took the staple gun to it.

I haven't done any egg dyeing for Easter this year and wouldn't you know I saw the cutest tutorial today for easy fabric eggs from scraps. No time today because I have to work, boo hoo. And it's way to late to try to make and send some to my niece and nephew in California. Darn it!! Wouldn't that have been the cutest little package to send? A basket of eggs? Awww!
Have a great Easter everyone! Our weather is gorgeous, hope yours is too. Bye-bye!

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