Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage (noun) - a period of origin or manufacture

I started this on retreat and finished it yesterday. Leisel has a great competition, So you think you can quilt, going at her blog. This month's theme is vintage. Now, if you ask me what I think vintage means, I immediately think of old linens and such. Aprons on June Cleaver etc. I was so excited when it dawned on me to use this little lady that I've had on my design wall for so long. Isn't she pretty? And such a pretty little apron. I made the apron a few years ago for a family Xmas exchange. It wasn't the big hit that I thought it would be.....oh well.

Vintage quilts make me think of blocks like these little bow ties or shoofly blocks. These blocks are about 3 inches square, so darn cute! I really have to make a quilt with bow tie blocks.

Several years ago I got a package of '30's solids' and this was a fun time to use them, even that poopy brown one.

So, this is my vintage entry. I'm going to go play with Mr Linky and hook it up with Leisel's blog. Last month, I won a nice quilt pattern for my entry on 'Love'. The problem was that I was the only one who posted a link. This time I would love to win again but I would like a little (just a tiny bit) of competition. And I really hope that last month's win doesn't diminish my chances this month. Ok Leisel? Huh, Ok? Check out her blog everybody! It's really nice. G'nite!


  1. Why is it that you are not IN the competition? This is adorable! Thanks for linking!

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  2. I agree - you should be in the competition. I dare anyone to enter another submission as sweet as yours!

  3. You were invited to join the SYTYCQ challenge! I do like your vintage entry, and HOPE EVERYONE GOES AND VOTES FOR THEIR FAVORITE ONE!!! Can't tell you which is mine, but VOTE, please!

    What is the difference between Retro and Vintage? Same difference? I struggled with the meanings...

  4. What a great little quilt! I love the sassy lady in the apron. Just fabulous! :)