Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Fever!

I have spent the entire weekend in my sewing room and haven't even turned on my machine. Nope, haven't cut any fabric or plugged in the iron either. I have been organizing. Do you need a minute to catch your breath or get up off the floor? I sense you may be laughing hard. It had to be done, I am fed up with the clutter in here. It is so hard to get any work done when I have to clear a workspace every time. Sadly, the cutting table and the sewing table are still completely buried. But honestly, I am really getting somewhere. I have been sorting and folding my stash. I also packed up quite a bit of fabric into banker's boxes. I labeled them and put them in a closet. This was the wools, flannels, homespuns, xmas fabric, and batiks. I am having second thought about the batiks going into the closet though. I love the way they are in the box though, all in a row so I can just flip through them. I really should have taken a picture. Very soon I am going to make the back for my batik quilt though, so I'll nab a photo then. I organized my ribbons, buttons, notions, trims, patterns, and fat quarters. Tomorrow, I will clear everything off the tables and sort through it. My kitchen counter and island are rarely cluttered (maybe cuz I don't cook much, lol), and my goal is for this room to look the same. I'll ask you again, do you need a minute?

So anyway, last weekend the Wild Threads had a pillow swap and here is the little sweetie, I made. I just can't resist Kelly's designs from Don't Look Now. I mixed and matched from her patterns to make this little pillow.
Tweet! The birdies are always my favorite. I think the next pillow or mini I make might just have to have a dozen of these babies.
I knew I bought the heart shaped shell buttons for a good reason. I've have them for probably 5 years.

Hi Ladybug! I'm glad to see you on this pretty pillow instead of crawling aroung my bedroom and bathroom.
Last weekend I made something new and special..... but I can't show you yet. It has to wait until next weekend. But I will show you this, I used the scraps from my secret project and threw this together. It's about 6 X 8 inches and I'll probably make it into a mini wallquilt or pillow. It's on my design wall for now. I like it there. It's cheery.

Next weekend, I'll unveil my little secret project. Bye bye!


  1. Ha ha... it's the pieces sliced out of the cute circle-y pattern!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new clean sewing room!! And I just love your pillow!!!!
    The bunny pillow sends you his love!

  3. Oh my goodness. I am in love with that pillow. Wouldn't it make an adorable baby quilt as well? As a matter of fact, I'd love that on my bed too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your sewing creations!

  4. The pillow is cute! Love the colors and little bird. What a tease you are with your sneak peeks! In another post you mentioned filling a wall with mini quilts. There is a Doll Quilt Swap group on Flickr - I swapped for the first time during the last round. Sounds like something which might interest you.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your newly organized sewing room. We need the inspiration.

    We moved some shelves around in our crafting space in an attempt to become better organized. All our fabric and supplies were dumped onto the chairs, cutting and sewing tables. Well, after a month of no sewing and piles of fabric gathering dust, it's all been plunked back onto the shelves and into bins. I just keep my back turned to the mess. Do you have any organizational tips to share?

  5. Such a cheery treat. What a lovely design.

  6. Terrific Pillow! Really adorable.