Saturday, August 7, 2010


I got it done. I gotta tell ya though, I think the border was more work than the middle. I don't mind paper piecing but I do find it tedious. I probably could have made those blocks without paper piecing but I didn't put the thought into it. I did make up the corners though. They are a little different. I have a bit more paper to tear off. I really like this quilt, especially because I dyed the fabric myself.
I have a backing picked out, it's a folk art looking floral that I've had for a while. I don't have any ideas for quilting yet though.
For a hot minute I thought about putting some applique on the three solid strips, then I changed my mind. I am going to force myself to do some awesome quilting on them. Oohhhh lordy! Did I just put that in writing?

I guess I'll have to follow through on that bold announcement. Not yet though. I want (need) to make a quilt from ALL squares. Just simple squares. Every time I see a quilt like that, I just love the look. Plus, it really showcases the fabrics. I think it's time to cut into my Heather Ross stash. More crazy talk!! And I'm not even drinking. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. This is absolutely fantastic! I luv it! Well done!

  2. FABULOUS!!! Well done! and so quick! does it feel good to have dyed the fabric and the whole thing? ;-) very impressive!