Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Since I have something to send to my niece, Lucy, I should make something for her younger brother, Buddy. I actually cut into my new stash of Lizzy House Castle Peeps fabric and made a little blankie for his toys. I thought the border needed something after I had it done, so I inserted this little piece with the towers. I was glad it worked or I was gonna end up with a tiny border.

The back is a super soft lightweight polar fleece and I didn't use batting because I wanted it to be soft and flexible.

E.T. tried it out and he liked it (a lot!).

Monkey saw E.T. and wanted to snuggle. They're good friends.

But Monkey is just a baby and he needed a nap.

It's a sweet little blankie and I hope Buddy has fun with it. It's on it's way to a big adventure in the San Francisco Bay area with the Panty Pinwheels.
Wait until you see all of the fabric that a friend just gave me. Yards and yards and yards of corduroy AND velvet. I think I'm going to try my hand at making some large shopping bag type totes. I will definitely make a top out of some corduroy. Maybe some more playtime with simple squares and add in some half square triangles.
Au revoir mes amis!


  1. A new charity quilt idea is Alzheimer quilts.. these are simple patchwork that use a variety of fabric textures. Many Alzheimer patients find touching the different textures soothing. so... keep those scraps!

  2. Buddy says, "Thank you for the blanket. Saint Patrick's Day Bear and my dog sleep under it. I tuck them in. I love you!"