Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sewing with the Wild Threads!

Sorry there is no picture today. Yesterday I spent the whole day with my quilting buds, the Wild Threads. We had a sewing marathon at the local church. It's a wonderful big sunny room and everyone works on whatever they want. I had a slow start because I was tired but a little coffee perked me up and I got a lot done.
I took my quilt with the woodsy critter squares which was already sandwiched and basted and I got it quilted. Just simple straight lines diagonally. I also took the quilt I made from the fabric I dyed. Not only did I sandwich and pin baste it but I also got it quilted. I promise a picture this week. My friend, Kathy, had some YLI variegated thread that she said would be perfect and she loaned it to me. So I cranked it out. Lots of loops and swirls! I know that I committed to some special quilting in the solid setting fabric....but......I didn't. I really wanted to be able to get the thread back to Kathy and I was SO excited to be getting the quilt done. I haven't decided what fabric to use for binding. I don't think I have enough of the rust left, I'll have to see.
I also finished a little tote bag I had started out of corduroy and started another. Last week I got a Bernina gathering foot so I was itching to put ruffles on something. Both totes have some.
Marathons are great fun but what a chore to put the sewing room back together. I enjoy binding so that will make for some nice handwork this week.
I have a very sore elbow. I call it 'rotary elbow'. The Accuquilt Go company has been giving away the Go's all over blogland. I keep entering but have yet to win one. The latest giveaway is at Canton Village Quiltworks. Check it out and enter if you must. But I hope you also wish me luck, ha ha. It looks like a cool product and I really really want to make a few quilts with the tumbler blocks. I saw some really cute colorful kids' quilts with them on someone's blog and have been itching to make one ever since. When I went to Quilt Odyssey a few weeks ago, I looked all over for a tumbler block template. I saw zillions of different templates but NO tumblers. Phooey!
Give me a couple days and I will give you LOTS of pictures. Okey dokey?

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