Friday, August 13, 2010

Just piddling around!

While working up to getting the woodsy critter squares quilt quilted, I decided to play around. Call me crazy but I made these out of underwear. Yup! I mistakenly bought 'granny panty' style underwear. I liked the colors and patterns but picked up the wrong package and didn't realize my mistake until it was open at home. So I just set them aside. That is, until Inspiration knocked on the door!!!! It is cotton knit and I just fused a print on one side and solid on the other, cut out squares and - voila! - pinwheels.
Can you tell what they are? Pony tail holders!! Cutie cute, huh? I think I'll send them to my niece in California. (Hannah, you don't have to tell Lucy that they were underwear!)

Anyway, I also played around making some more scrap blocks and asterix blocks, and finally put a label on my friend's baby quilt. Maybe I'll do some quilting today. The Wild Threads are having a marathon (all day sewing together) next weekend so I need to decide what I want to work on. Maybe I'll start something new!
Now go look at your panties in a whole new light people! See ya!


  1. she also made a parachute out of my underpants

  2. I see England, I see France,
    I see your granny underpants! LOL
    & I like them, too!

  3. Today I GOT the word play in the title!! THANKS for the smiles!! Gail Norback