Friday, July 16, 2010


I have been caught in the act, photographed doing something naughty. Apparently I have the NEED for SPEED! This week (for the SECOND time in 2 months) I have gotten a nice photo in the mail of my little blue Prius..............speeding on Orleans St. in Baltimore. Twice in the same exact place. Hmmmm? Slow learner? An interesting detail is that I'm heading home both times. Whaddya think, hurrying home to my sewing room ? That's reasonable right? But, in case you think Baltimore needs to clear the streets when my shift ends, I was going a smoking 37 and 40 mph! Can I get an Amen to the fact that there are places where it is almost impossible to go 25 mph? Might as well walk right? Ugh. I think I better find another route out of the city. I am really not a menace on the streets. Baltimore recently put dozens of these speeding cameras up and I guess it's gonna take me a day or two, or 100, to mend my ways. Waaah.

I don't like to post without pictures, so, remember this?

I made it from all the little trimmings from this?
Well, I haven't done anything else with it. How's that for an update? It's about 10 or 12 inches square and is parked on my design wall. I got some flowers a few months ago and they came wrapped in some sheer pink tulle. I pinned that across the little mini to experiment. I'm not sure about that, so the I'm just letting the whole thing marinate. It might take a while but sooner or later, something will spark. I might see something on the web or in a book that turns on the lightbulb or I'll just get tired of the clutter on the design wall and force the issue. Anything could happen. I could use it for another pillow, make a mini, build around it medallion style to make something bigger, make more of them........who knows.
Anybody else do this? Just let something sit in your peripheral vision catching your interest now and then? Feel free to shout out an idea or two for my little treasure, what would you do with it?

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  1. Absolutely I pin things to the design wall and "live" with them for a can't be rushing creative genius - ha ha ha.
    For what it isn't worth...your square says cushion cover to me.
    Whatever you do with it...enjoy!