Saturday, July 10, 2010

My weekend of GOODIES!!!

Do you know Lizzy House? If you don't, you should and if you do, then you KNOW what this is! Castle Peeps! Lizzy's latest collection. How absolutely cute is this? My package from Pink Chalk came yesterday, so let me show you what I got. Try not to drool on your computers!
I got 1 yard of this one in case I wanted to use it for a border or wide stripe. Love these castles. And with it, I got fat quarters of the other fabrics in the green colorway. I have NO idea how long it will take me to be able to commit to cutting into this or what I will use it for. For now, I will just drink it in and pet it occasionally.

I also got half yard pieces of some of their sale fabrics. I love black and white fabrics and these scissors are so cute.

I have wanted more aquas in my stash and just love this fun, mod print.

This reminds me of Heather Ross' style so I couldn't resist.

Peace baby!!

Let's not forget that my intention this year was to get more solids into my stash. I got bigger cuts of these lucious colors. Aqua and red is a great color combo that I have been drawn to lately and apparently my love for lime green continues (note the Castle Peep colorway above).

I was surprised, and pleased, at how great all of these look together. Mmmm, mmmmm!

AND!!! Oh my goodness, this is from IKEA. I browsed through there on my way to work the other day and found this. They have other cute fabrics and sell them in approximately 3 and 1/2 yard cuts for $7.99. It's 48 inches wide too. Great for backings for baby or kids' quilts. Of course I love the little teacup car with the nurse in it, perfect for my friend at work who is about to have a baby. I thought I would be cutting into it this weekend BUT...... check out the next picture!

After a month without a working dryer, THIS beauty was delivered today. Oh thank goodness!! My laundry is upstairs in my sewing room. Actually, this was my bedroom when I was a teenager. When we moved in 10 years ago, we put the laundry upstairs because we had extra bedrooms. That was before my sewing and quilting really began. It's a good sized room but somehow I've filled it up. Imagine that! ha ha
Anyway, back to my red beauty. The walls in here are aqua (they've been that for years too) so, what the heck, we got the red appliances. Look how silly that mismatched pair look. Thank goodness we decided to get a new washer too. It just won't arrive for a few weeks, it's on back order. A friend told me to get the drawer/pedestals to put under the appliances and I'm really glad I did. I love the height of the dryer opening, it's very comfortable for loading and unloading the wash. I love my room! It's where I like to hang out.

Have a great weekend, I'm going to have fun doing laundry!


  1. Wow, what a lot of goodies! Love it all! Have fun with the dryer, now there's an excuse to prewash those fabrics! LOL

  2. love those fabrics ,they are so cute i love the castles and the aquas are delicious have fun with them.

  3. let me know when you get your washer...i have a couple of loads i'll send over for "testing" purposes! LOL.