Saturday, July 3, 2010

Resolution update # 2 - UFO's

If you recall the shocking and tragic death of my old laptop (my green Dell, sniff, sob), then you might understand when I tell you I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for pictures. I have everything from the Dell (wah!) on a hard drive but I guess I'm a little bit challenged when actually trying to be technically savvy. So I said, "phooey" and just took some new pictures.
My first resolution was to finish at least FOUR of my UFO's. Mission complete! Almost. This first one is from a year long block swap with my guild. Nine of us swapped blocks each month for a year. That means that I made one of the blocks in each of the 12 nine patches you see. We also swapped the rectangles (piano keys) of the fabrics we used so we each ended up with lots of sweet batik variety. Yippee! This is a BIG quilt, 95 by 98 inches.
I used the piano keys and a border idea from Judy Laquidara for my border and I love it. My friend, Shirley, quilted this quilt for me. It's gorgeous and much better than I would have done.
And..... I pieced the back! I had some extra blocks (long story involving a swap gone awry. Let's just say that not everyone follows through on a year-long commitment) and tons of piano keys left over. And I didn't have any yardage big enough for the back and didn't want to buy any. I haven't put the binding on this quilt yet but I will very soon. I picked out a variety of bright batiks to use and I have a couple of netflix movies waiting to entertain me.
Mrs. Puff looks like she's stalking those piano keys. She is a nutty cat!

Almost finish number 2. My Mackenna Ryan xmas block of the month.
It is pieced, quilted and bound! I just have to do a little embellishing. The stocking that the puffin is holding has to be sewn on, and it is full of silvery fish! And the harness for the penguins and polar bear who are pulling the sleigh needs it's rope. I also plan to add some little bells and beads. I may enter this in the county or state fair this summer so that's a little incentive to finish up. Does anybody have any ideas on how to store a quilt like this when it is not displayed? The applique is a little stiff so I worry about folding it for too long. Number 3, my chickens!! All finished.
And each block has it's little label. This one is Chicken Caesar (if you couldn't already tell, lol).
Finish number 4. This is probably my oldest UFO. I really love this Storm at Sea. It's soft and cuddly too!
And yes!! I have a 5th finish. My floral wallhanging that is over my bed now.
I am really glad that I made this particular resolution. These were projects that I wanted to finish so I am tickled pink.
I hope everybody has a great 4th of July weekend. I sure will. If you don't read the blog, Stash Manicure, go check it out. There are lots of ideas for using up your stash and they are having a nice giveaway this weekend.
Now, I need to say goodbye and go tidy up our outdoor space for some fun and fireworks this weekend. Buh bye!


  1. Hi Lisa, Happy 4th of July, and many thanks for the super cute potholders. They arrived yesterday, and I really like them. To store your Christmas quilt, I recommend rolling it, and keeping it in a cardboard tube. I believe you can find them at office supply stores. Alternatively, roll it on a tube from Hancocks and cover it with muslin, or a sheet. I buy the vinyl I use for overlays on tubes like this, and they work really well. Michele

  2. Hey Lisa! SO many wonderful projects wrapped up! Way to go!! I feel I am ready for a load of finishes... time to get rocking...

  3. You truly do inspire me to get moving and back into my quilt room. But then I have so much fun reading your blog and the many others I subscribe to; what's a gal to do!

  4. Great quilts and you did all the chickens! I made a pillow for my daughter with the chicken baseball catcher on it.