Monday, July 5, 2010

But I didn't buy ANY fabric.

Well, not at JoAnn's anyway. They had a whopper sale at JoAnn's this weekend AND my flyer had a coupon for 10% off my entire purchase. So I zipped out and had some fun. I really had to chuckle because when I got to the parking lot, I saw 3 cars with men in them sitting outside with the motors and A/C running. My hubby knew he didn't want to go! They had Warm and Natural batting for $5.99 a yard so I stocked up. And rotary blades were half off, wheeee! Quilt books were 40% off so I FINALLY got Liberated Quiltmaking II. It's very inspiring. Pillow forms and plastic storage were on sale too. Add it all up and take another 10% off !! Woot woot!
Do you see those two plastic boxes? They are part of my big plan to get organized. I think I am very close to a total rearrangement in my sewing room. When I say very close, I mean hopefully by the end of the year. These things need verrrrry careful planning dontcha know. I think I'll document before and after pictures etc etc. More on that another time.
When I said I didn't buy any fabric at JoAnn's, it was the truth. I did, however, have a wonderful little spree at Pink Chalk Fabrics. I was the awsomely lucky winner of a $50 gift certificate to Pink Chalk from the Basics Quilt Gather website. There will be more gift certificates and other giveaways as they get more and more quilts. Go check it out, it's a wonderful project. It's so nice of Pink Chalk to donate for the giveaways, so I made sure to spend more than $50. It was the least I could do, just my way of saying thanks. I'll show pictures of my goodies when they come. It includes some Castle Peeps from Lizzy House. I am jumping with excitement!

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