Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whew!! Do I have stuff to show you!

Later today, I PROMISE!! I will have a decent post. I am on staycation this week (vacation at home). What have I been doing? Well, I rearranged my sewing room for one. It still needs some tweaking but I think it might work. The goal is a design that keeps me organized and minimizes clutter and mess. Yeesh!! That is one big GOAL. And the second thing I did was dye some fabric! Oh yes, yesterday I dyed a big mess of fabric. I still have dye mixed up so I might do some more today. As long as everything is out. I also went to Quilt Odyssey on Saturday with 3 of my pals. We had so much fun. And yesterday I started sewing something very cute. I plan to finish it today and then I'll show you. I think this will be what I give my co-workers this year for Christmas.
So I promise you, today I will take lots of pictures and get started showing you all of the fun I've been having around here.
Y'all come back soon, okay?

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  1. I am waiting with bated breath! BTW -exactly what is "bated breath" (must have skipped that section when I took my H&P Assessment class)?