Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keeping my promise.

I'm back, and I'm ready to show you a few peeks of my revised sewing space. I still have LOTS of organizing to do but I started with the floor plan. I made myself a cubicle. I can sit in my swivel chair and turn from cutting table to sewing machine to storage. I'm working on the ironing surface, I'll show you that tomorrow. Notice the TV? It keeps me company during sewing marathons. This is the view from within my 'cubicle'.

Oh look! Guess what came yesterday? Yup, the set is now complete. Now I have to figure out how to use it. It's important to mention that when I spend long periods of time holed up in this room with the TV on, I am not only sewing and playing but also doing the family's laundry. That's right people, I spend hours slaving in the laundry room. It's important to have my family wearing clean, fresh clothes. And I'm willing to spend the time to make it happen.

Tomorrow, I'll show a few more shots of the sewing room. Right now, I want to show you the goodies I got at the quilt show. I had a budget and guess what, I went over it. But, my my my it was fun. I went to the show with hopes of seeing a Bernina booth. I want to get a gathering foot for my 'Bernie'. But they weren't there! Waah! I also want to find a tumbling block template. I don't expect to ever have an Accuquilt Go, unless I win one, so I'll have to cut my own tumbling blocks. There were a ZILLION rulers and templates. But not one tumbling block. Guess I'll have to make my own durned template. Anyway, I found other things to spend my dollars on. Check out the new Kaffe I found. Pencils!

And this crazy ombre dots!

And lucious florals! I couldn't resist.

Oops! Late in the day, I remembered that my goal this year was to build my stash of solids. So, I got busy. I couldn't resist the pretty geometric print, especially when I saw how good it looked with my solids. Uh, well........... all right, all right!!!! I picked up the geometric print first. But look how good it looks with those colors! See the cheddar? My friend, Pat, found it first. I had directed her to the sale bin and she picked it right up. I couldn't believe I had overlooked it. I think I must have whined a bit because Pat, one of the nicest friends ever, shared it with me. Yahoo!! It has quite a kick, dontcha think?

I limited myself to just ONE quilt book. I looked at tons and at times I had three or more in my hands. But I narrowed it down and couldn't resist this. Frieda Anderson has awesome, clear directions for fabric dyeing. Perfect timing too.

Huh? How did this get here? Gosh, I just don't think I can be held responsible. I haven't ever found a Quilter's 12 step program, have you? Until I find one, I'm just going to have to struggle by myself. This book is very cool and it reminded me of some quilts that Victoria from Bumble Beans makes. The cover quilt is also very similiar to the style of my Bubbles pillow. Isn't this cover just gorgeous?
And one more thing, I got a little bit of this fabric. I have seen a couple different tutorials online for making Memory game pieces. This fabric is perfect for that. Did you ever play Memory? All those little square cards. You turn two over at a time and try to remember where everything is so you can make pairs.

So I spent some time this afternoon playing with interfacing and fusible. I have a good start on some great gifts. See the finished pieces at the bottom? I just zigzagged around them. Easy peasy but I expect the zigzagging with be time consuming. I think I'll make some cutie pie bags to put these game pieces in.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the fabrics I dyed and more of my sewing room. And I also have some things in the works that will make very cool gifts. I'll definitely show you some time this week. Right now, it's time for a glass of wine and a good book.

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