Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun with Birthday Money!

What do you get a quilter for her birthday? The means to feed her addiction! My husband and I have our birthdays 2 weeks apart, this year I said, "How about if we get our own presents?" Hubby said "Yes! Great idea." So he gets to buy music stuff and I get to buy fabric, woot woot! sent me a 20% off coupon so I started clicking the mouse and filling my virtual shopping cart. First I got some basics (and they were on sale, yay!) Kona black and some white on white. Then I tossed in a taste of whimsy. I'm going to be keeping an eye on Wendy Slotboom's collections. These are so cute and it appeals to the part of me that adores Heather Ross fabrics.
This is a map for the squirrel to find the nuts he hid. The notes on the map are hilarious.

This one has lots of cute details and I love the soft greens.

And I finally got some shot cottons from Kaffe Fassett for my stash. This photo doesn't do them justice at all. If you read Victoria's blog, The Silly BooDilly, you will see why I had to get these fabrics. She has been working on a series of 'work' quilts. They are gorgeous and I want to try something similiar. I may take my first foray into hand quilting. Please! Don't hold me to this, allow me to chicken out if I need to.

Here's some other fun I had. I'm not sure when I'll try this but I've seen cool ideas with this Texture Magic.

Terrible picture I know. I got some of Kelly Wulfsohn's patterns. OMG! I love her style. I'm going on retreat next month, maybe I'll start one of her patterns.

Here's the other one, if you look close, you will see that it's just lovely and can be modified for Christmas or not.

And...... I had some fun at JoAnn's. Here are some Heidi Grace fabrics. I think I'm having a thing for trees and little birdies too.

I love these cute little buildings, but look at the trees with the tire swings! Love them!

Trees and birdies!

Birdies and trees! Cute cute details here. Ladybugs, trees with hearts!!
I have lots to show you this week.
We got a new kitten!
I've started a few new projects.
A friend has asked me to show how I store my stash. Not because I'm a genius, because she lives out of state and is a new quilter with a beginning stash and needs ideas. That sounds like a great reason to clean up this 'disaster zone' and take some pictures.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Oooooo... such fun birthday loot!!! Gorgeous fabrics, and fabulous patterns. Someday I'm determined to try one of those Don't Look Now designs... they are just too gorgeous.

  2. Great fabrics! The squirrel fabric is a hoot, and you know I love the shot cottons! Have fun with all your goodies, and Happy Birthday!!

  3. I realllllllly nice the selvages on all those lovely fabrics.....hmmmmmm.....hmmmmm....maybe you can toss those over my way???

    And which kitten did you get? I might have to come up and visit so I can see him/her.

  4. Lots of lovely inspiration - the perfect Birthday Present for someone who loves to play with Fabric. Enjoy your pretties.

  5. Happy birthday. Lovely presents. I went to a quilting group tonight where the guest speaker was Kellie and of course she had her quilts and cushions with her - they look good on the pattern, they are even better in real. Have fun with her patterns and your lovely new fabric.