Sunday, February 7, 2010

Giveaway update!

Remember these?! They could be yours in 6 days. I don't want to wait until the end of the month. For my birthday I am going to pick a winner. That's right, this Friday the 12th, I will announce my first ever giveaway winner. You can increase your chances, just leave a comment with any or all posts in February. Each comment is a chance to win. And don't forget, if you can get someone to mention that you sent them, you could win the secondary prize of 6 similar fat quarters. Such excitement!!
Time to hit the sack, big day coming tomorrow, gotta shovel out my car, whee! Nighty-nite!


  1. How funny-- my birthday is Feb 12 too!!! :)

    Thanks for taking time to visit my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! It's always nice to find kindred spirits out here in the wilds of the Web. :)

  2. Maybe you'll win, that would be a great birthday present! February rocks!!

  3. I'm guessing you did not lose power and maybe I can win the giveway as a belated birthday present!

    Have a great day Lisa!

  4. hmmm... I really covet that big blue flower one...

  5. I like the yellow - split them with you Chris!

  6. So you share your birthday with one of our greatest Presidents! Happy birthday on Friday!

  7. Very pretty fabrics!

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