Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Requesting opinions please!

I have been interested in making a zig-zag quilt from this tutorial. I have TONS of 2 1/2 inch strips from some online swapping I did for a while. I wanted to use some of them up so I got out my Kaffe Fassett strips and my neutral strips. (I wanted to use reds and neutrals but I couldn't find my red strips, then I remembered that I used them for my red/white/black xmas tree quilt.)
This is what I ended up with at first. The width is limited by my strips. And I am distracted by the darker neutrals. They don't show up as much in the photo.
Sooo, I went random and scrappy. Ugh! Don't like this at all!
Another arrangement, showing promise. I have small groupings of the fabrics in zigs and zags. I also took out the ones with the darker neutrals and made a few more strip sets.

Lastly, I put the fabrics in rows of the same, but added a few on each end to make it wider. Does that make sense? I tried to keep the rows in a certain color for continuity. Again, does that make sense?
So my question for you is.... which way do you like it best? Please don't say the random, scrappy way cause I think it's yucky. But I am torn between the first (it is a little narrow) and the last two. And I'm wondering if I should put back the two strips sets with the darker neutrals?
If you have an opinion, drop me a line please. Thanks.


  1. I like the first and third arrangements. But you are right - the first is too narrow. Could you use the extra strip sets you made in side borders to widen quilt. Maybe move the two(?) sets that have darker neutrals to the center.

    One thing that bothers me about all the arrangements is how the zig zags are up on one side and down on the other. I like symmetry. Love all the Kaffe Fassett prints. Such beautiful colors.

  2. I'm with the last two! Hope that helps :) It's gorgous by the way, been thinking about one of these for some time too, off to check out that tute (I have a ton of strips! LOL)

  3. Thanks ladies! Trudi, the tutorial calls for 3 in strips but I used 2 1/2 cause that's what I had. Debbie, I hadn't noticed about the up and down, now I can't ignore it, lol. I could use the extras some way, maybe little 4 patches or something. I'll keep playing with it. Also Debbie, thanks for the link to the Knock off wood blog. It's very cool and I requested a window seat plan. Thanks again, Lisa

  4. I like the first and third. I keep going back and forth on which I like more, I think it's the first. maybe:)

  5. My fav is the bottom wider one. LOVE this method of zig zags, better than cutting triangles!

  6. For what it is worth...very little but here goes anyway...I like the first - but with the darker neutrals taken out. And the fourth, except that the purple at the start of the pink (third row) disturbs me for some reason, my eye just keeps going straight to that patch. Well you had to try random and scrappy - just so you know where not to go. This is a great way to make a zig zag. I've a jelly roll that I've been wondering what to do with, you may just have provided some inspiration.

  7. I like the bottom one best, but I would plug the one that is different somewhere other than the end... on the end, it looks like you did not have enough... in the middle, it would like like a "variation!"

  8. the first one cuz I like the dark neutrals