Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get to know me, Part 3 !

Still want to know me? Ok.....
#21. I was a huge X-Files fan. I know the names of every single episode!! Cmon, who didn't think 'Small Potatos' was hilarious? Babies with tails? Nerdy guy shape-shifting to look like Mulder and showing up at Scully's apartment with a bottle of wine? And the alien conspiracy and the devious Smoking Man? sigh!
#22. When I was a kid, I had a great Welsh pony named Rabbit. He always did well in the driving classes (pulling a pony cart) at the state fair. I fed him banana peels as a treat once in a while, and I have no recollection of why I offered him the first one. I also had Shetland ponies named, Pillow, Dear Nora, and Seabiscuit. And there was also my pony Party Doll and a larger pony, Ghost.
#23. I love to read. A real pleasure is a lazy afternoon at Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks coffee and, if I'm lucky, one of the cushy chairs. Same thing at the library, but there I get to take a tote bag and bring a big pile of books home!! Whee!
#24. I love having a tablecloth on the kitchen table. Maybe it's because it's made of fabric?
#25. For most of my life, I had perfect, even exceptional, vision and I desperately wanted glasses. I thought they were such a cool accessory. Now that I need glasses even to see the food on my plate..... I LOVE them! If they weren't so expensive, I would have more glasses than Imelda had shoes. They come in colors and shapes and they hide the fact that I rarely wear eye makeup.
#26. I really hope I don't regret putting this here. If you google 'hyote' you can find references to me and some pictures I took in my front yard, even youtube clips. I saw a pathetic mangy red fox drinking out of our water tub for the ponies. It was so goofy looking that I took pictures of it to show my husband and kids. A year later, my husband saw a news report of a similiar animal in the next county, so he emailed them my pictures. He called me at work and said, "Don't be mad but the news station is coming to interview us." Oh My Gosh!!! Slow news day, they edited out every intelligent word we said. I should have just stuck some hay in my mouth and scratched my butt.
#27. Related to the above, we are also in the book, "Wierd Maryland". Just look in the index for 'mystery animal'.
#28. I have a true phobia, of vomiting. I have to joke about it because it's so stupid. I get teased about it A LOT and my family couldn't believe I became a nurse, especially an oncology nurse. I haven't puked since 1975, that's 35 years!!! Pure willpower I tell ya. When my kids were little and got a stomach bug, I walked around with my turtleneck up over my face and frantically wiping everything they touched. I tried to forbid my husband to ever get sick, it didn't work.
#29. When I want to pamper myself, I put fresh linens on the bed (I use lavender dryer sheets to make them smell good) and shave my legs. Smooth legs on crisp clean sheets, and the essence of lavender, aaahhhhh! And in the cold weather, I have a fabric bag of beans that I pop in the microwave then toss under the covers when I go to bed. So warm and toasty!
#30. I have an idea for the car manufacturers that my family thinks is hilarious. But I'm serious. I think all cars should have 2 horns. One is a polite little 'toot toot', as if to say 'heads up, the light is green'. The other is a 'HONK HONK' for saying "Watch out!!" Haven't you ever been at a light and the guy ahead of you doesn't know he can go, you want to let him know but don't want to seem all pissy about it or rude?

There you have it, 10 more facinating tidbits. One more week and my birthday month will be ending. One more installment of 'Get to Know Me' and we'll practically be family. Maybe you should run, not walk, away as fast as you can! Have a good day!


  1. Oh my gosh! Are we sisters? First the pantyhose and now the sheets (and shaved legs). Pure heaven. / X-Files - we loved X-Files. Remember the squeaky-wheeled cart and the little man? Shudders! / I haven't googled "hyote' yet but I will. Always looking for a good laugh. Know the reason they edit? They don't want anyone to look smarter than the interviewer. / For Christmas I made rice bags with flannel covers for everyone (like your bag of beans). To cut down on mailing costs I mailed the bags empty with directions to fill with rice and pop in the microwave. The problem - I used zippers on the inner cloth bags forgetting that they have metal parts.

    In case you haven't are a winner over at My Three Sons.

  2. I will be sure not to get the pukes around you.....

  3. Better not. I FREAK out and lose all dignity!
    Debbie, I didn't know I had won! Crazy! That HGTV dream house is mine, I know it!