Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm in Peril!!

Check out our side yard! The wires in the snow are cable, internet, and phone, so far cable and internet are still working. The wire in the left of the picture weighed down with snow is our power.
All of these pine branches are weighted down with snow and resting on the wire. I feel like it's only a matter of time before we go dark, :( I sent my hubby out (in his bathrobe) to swing a stick around and knock the snow off the branches. He said, 'Don't take a picture of me!' I'm so obedient. We couldn't reach the upper branches which I'm afraid will break and come down on the wires, so we got the long pole for brushing the pool. I got a lot of frustrations out by whacking branches with that thing. The wire is safe for now but our lights occasionally flicker so who knows what's happening further down.
This is out front. BIG branches have broken off this pine and landed on the fence and across the drive.

I went out and freed up some of the branches that haven't broken. I hate to admit it was kinda fun. I said "I'll save ya!" and shook and shook and got practically buried in snow. It's so deep you can just sit and feel like you're in a chair. I have awesome polar fleece snow pants that I put on over my jeans and stay warm and dry. I do think it's time to get the snowshoes out of the basement though. We put our cars at the end of the driveway last night and it will be a major journey getting down there tomorrow to start shoveling. I wish I didn't have to work on Monday morning. I sneezed earlier! Maybe I'm coming down with something, lol!
If we lose our power, we also lose water. That is the MAJOR inconvenience and we are filling buckets with water for toilet flushing. I ran the dishwasher and we all got our showers in (I even shaved my legs!) Wish us luck. If I'm still in business later I will post a 'giveaway update'. I'm going to go get some citrus blocks ready so I will at least have handwork. Adios!


  1. I pacifically axed you not to take a picture!

  2. Whoa! Where do you live, that's a lor of snow!!! How much did you get? We only got about 10 inches. Keep warm! Steph

  3. our pine tree started losing branches during the night....woke up to find a ton of the tree in our little backyard hung up on the fence. Check out my blog for some photos....

    how was shoveling, snicker snicker...

  4. I lost my satellite TV service..after the storm and after a half day of, hard lines are not the only compromised service.

  5. The "joy" of living in Maryland!!

  6. Oh, Lisa! I'm cold just looking at all that snow! The sun is shining today, here in southern California. Wish you were here!

  7. "I sent my hubby out (in his bathrobe) to swing a stick around and knock the snow off the branches" Let your husband know we all clicked on the picture just to see him biggie size. LOL

    Where we live now we don't have to worry about snow and ice bringing down the power, phone and cable lines. I think they are all buried (just not in snow). Growing up in TN, GA and NC the power lines were above ground and we had those same issues.

    clutterbat at yahoo dot com

  8. Debbie, that's hilarious! I will definitely tell him!