Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time for "Get to Know Me" part 1

#1. I would rather bake than cook. Look at this tasty lemon cake I made for Mr. Mathis. His birthday was on Sunday (he's younger than me, hee hee). Around here, when it's your birthday, I will bake you any kind of cake you want. My favorite cookbooks are Anne Byrn's Cake Doctor books. She has a picture of every cake in the book. Mmmmm.
#2. I have a purple bowling ball under a tree in my side yard. I think it's quirky and I can see it from my bedroom window.
#3. When I sew, I always snip my threads as I go along. I attribute this to my grandmother, Mimi, who I am pretty sure never sewed. She bred, raised, sold, and showed Shetland ponies her entire life. She was not very domestic but one day when I was about 10, she got it into her head to teach my sister and I to bake a cake. She had a grand recipe for 'Lightning Cake' which is a simple yellow cake from scratch. I'll share it another post. One thing that really made an impression on me that day was that you should always clean up as you work. So, when I sew, there are rarely any extra threads to snip when I'm done.
#4. Since I brought up Mimi, I might as well tell you that she wrote a book and there are lots of pictures of me in it. Yup, I'm in a book, and in another 'Get to know me' post, I'll tell you about the other book I'm in. Mimi's book is called "If You Had a Pony" and it's a children's book all about caring for a pony. Mimi's 5 grandchildren at the time are pictured throughout the book performing various tasks in caring for ponies. Among other photos, there is a full page photo of me mucking out a stall, and another of me feeding my pony, Party Doll. Maybe I'll learn to scan them into the computer so I can post them, lol.
#5. I drive a hybrid.
#6. I once rode a mechanical bull in a bar. I stayed on less than 5 seconds.
#7. I HATE pantyhose and almost never wear it.
#8. When I was in second grade, our house burned, pretty much to the ground. I still remember seeing the firemen throw things out the window, including my favorite stuffed toy, Polar Bear, who I still have today. I also remember wearing my classmate's dress to school afterwards because we received donations from lots of people. It was a red plaid dress and I liked it but it was a little tight.
#9. I'm a bit of a TV junkie. Hey! Don't judge me! It's entertainment and I sew while I watch (most of the time).
#10. I like rocks. All kinds.
OK, that's the first 10. Next week I'll try to think of 10 more. It's really fun to think of this stuff, you should try it. I started a list so I can write things down when I think of them.

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  1. I really enjoyed getting to know you a little more! Thanks for sharing a little of you :)

  2. I learned 3 things about you I didn't know. We should talk more!

  3. I can't wait until you get to things aboutyou from the 70's!! Should be some doozies!

  4. Oh wow!! Thanks for reminding me. I hadn't even thought about high school. Now we're talking.

  5. Have you ever made "Thunder Cake"?

  6. I just popped over to visit, and I really enjoyed getting to know you. I can't even imagine going through something like having your house burned to the ground, especially at a young age and seeing your stuffed animals come flying out of the window, so sad:(
    Purple bowling balls are fun!
    Panty hose do suck! and I feel as long as you have hobbies, what's wrong with watching t.v. while you do it, at least you're being productive and creative. :) Steph

  7. Ugh, pantyhose - if I wanted to be squeezed to death, I'd climb in the zoo enclosure with the boa constrictor.

    I'll be watching for your Lightning Cake recipe. My daughter bought a new cookie recipe book. I hope she'll try a new recipe this weekend. I always volunteer to be taste tester.

    clutterbat at yahoo dot com