Monday, February 8, 2010

It did stop snowing!

Are you sick of snow yet? These poor pines are. They were our Christmas trees when I was a kid. They are taking a beating with this heavy snow. Lots of sad, droopy branches. Time to strap on the snowshoes for the trek down the driveway. We parked our cars at the end of the drive on Friday evening as the snow began to accumulate
Mr Mathis doesn't like using the snowshoes (I think he fell over).

This is what greeted us at the bottom of the hill. My poor poor little car.

Top priority! The 4 wheel drive.
I got tired so I lay down for a while, right on the snow. It was pretty comfortable so I stayed there for a while.
This was the view from flat on my back in the snow. I had to look busy since I wasn't helping to shovel, so I started snapping pics of myself. Darn!! I just remembered that one of my personal resolutions was to start wearing color on my lips. I am such a paleface.
This is what happened when I found out that it's going to snow again. Waaah! Where are the Daffodils, the Crocus, the Snowdrops?


  1. You have to admit, it is fascinating thinking about just where the plows are doing to pile up all the additional snow......And where will we pile up all the additional snow from digging out the cars yet again.

    I HAVE to find another snow shovel today, had one break during the last dig out!

  2. While you were laying down, you could have made snow angels!

  3. Our street looked almost as bad - but we did have lots of neighbors and a snowplow to help out! WHERE are we going to put another 10 - 20 inches!?!?!?!?

  4. The sky is so innocently blue. Not at all like it just dumped 20 inches of snow in your yard.

    We planted our Christmas trees each year, too. Fraser fir, blue spruce, red cedar and white pine all tower over the house where I grew up in TN.

    clutterbat at yahoo dot com

  5. I will not get tired of your snow pics... It has been so hot here! I guess you don't want to hear that I have been paddling at the beach while you have been shovelling snow.