Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not much sewing going on.

I got this put together over a week ago. It's all pinned and awaiting some quilting inspiration. these are shot cottons and they are really gorgeous in person. They are woven with two different thread colors so they have depth and seem to change their hue at times. I want to try to mix machine and hand quilting like Victoria did. I just need to decide how I want to do it. Any ideas? I was thinking straight lines, maybe squares around the black squares or something. This little gal, Mrs. Puff, is the reason for no sewing. I am afraid to let her into the sewing room (too many perils like pins) and she cries if you leave her alone. So I end up staying in other parts of the house. She needs LOTS and LOTS of attention and exercise.
She has a crazy spotted tummy.
She's always on the move.... fast!
She constantly walks across the computer keyboard. I have pictures that aren't blurry but I want to show how active she is.
She's my son's kitten. He's living at home commuting to college. He spends as much time with her as he can but when he's not here, I 'babysit'. We are introducing her to our other cats slowly but only one seems to be acting friendly. This may take a while. I miss my sewing room.


  1. I have some boys you can borrow who would love to play with your kitten. They are excellent at exhausting small puppies and kittens so it will then take a nap! Just ask Tricia!

    She's real cute!

  2. She is adorable!!! Makes me want another one. Tried to talk Ray into it, but he's standing firm on no more pets right now. Can't think of a better reason to not sew!

  3. Awww!!! Kitty!!! She is so cute. Enjoy kittenhood... it goes by so fast! And then they just lay about like kitty slugs. :P

  4. What a cute kitten. Wish there was some way to bottle up their energy. "Kittie juice" anyone? Probably tastes like V8.

    Don't forget to post Part 4 of Get to know me. I might have to start guessing the last ten. (My husband thinks everyone I talk to online is an axe murderer in the Iowa State Pen. Little does he know they all wield rotary cutters!)

  5. Your quilt it beautiful - sorry no ideas on quilting don't do that often.
    Love your little kitten what a beautiful colour.

  6. that kitten is absolutely adorable. used to make me crazy that my cats made it so hard to get quilting done and now that they are older and doing it less I really miss it...