Thursday, February 18, 2010

Looky Looky!!

What did Chet find to sit on? Could it be a UFO? Could it be finished? Yes! It is a UFO and it is almost done. I finally finished the quilting on the quilt. Remember, I was derailed last fall by the 'tension debacle'? I just have to turn and hand sew the binding. I started this quilt at a Kim Jalette workshop in May of 2006!! I always wanted to make a Storm at Sea, I love the illusion of curves. I really got excited when I put these fabrics together. The colors are much brighter than the photo shows. (I really need to get some tips from my daughter the photography major.) It was hard to cut into my Kaffe Fassett fabric at first then it got easier as I saw this quilt coming together. I stalled for quite a while when it was time for the borders, I needed to get more of the main fabric. Then a year ago on retreat I got motivated again. The completed top had to marinate for a while in the UFO basket. I am so so glad it's almost done. I really love this quilt. I can't wait to run it through the washer, get it all soft, and then snuggle up with it.
Last weekend I also got a back together for the chicken quilt and it's all pin basted and awaiting some quilting inspiration. I also started something new that I've wanted to try for a while (besides the zigzag). I show you soon! Nighty night. ps Our driveway is finally getting plowed tomorrow. Yay! I can put away the snowshoes.


  1. you do know its going to snow again right?

  2. It sounds like you've been uber-productive. Awesome!!! Seeing your fabulous quilt is making me want to get out my storm at sea UFO and finish it up.

  3. This pattern is popular around blog land at the moment and I am loving seeing everybody's interpretation in colours other than blue and white - Yours is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.