Thursday, February 11, 2010

It continues!

Who isn't sick of this? A friend sent me the most hysterical email today about shoveling and and then redoing it after the plow comes by etc etc. It got funnier and funnier and I laughed until I cried and couldn't see to read. If you are not from the mid-atlantic region, you may not know that after our 2 foot pile of snow, we just got hit with 20 more inches and blizzard winds. Check out the icicles on my house. Crazy! And I haven't been doing any sewing. I'm too distracted by this. And worrying. I am a worrier. I worry about the weight of the snow on the upper deck, and the porch roof, and the back roof. I worry about the heating oil holding out until the truck can get up this hill. And the propane too for our hot water and fireplace. The snowdrifts are so bad on the hill that it will probably be at least a couple weeks before we can clear the hill. The kids aren't allowed to turn on the fireplace because we might need to use it a lot if the heating oil runs out. We're keeping the thermostat down too, sometimes we turn it up to 63, hee hee.

C'mon baby! You can make it! That's Big Daddy, he just shoveled out my car, again! The snow is so deep here from drifts that it is 100% impossible to walk through it without snowshoes. We only have 2 pairs, and there are 4 of us in the house. Last night, I discovered that it is easier to crawl on all fours than to walk without snowshoes. my kids were ahead of me with the snowshoes making a path. Even then, when I walked I sank past knee level. But when I crawled, my weight was distributed enough to keep from sinking. The kids were startled when they looked back and saw me, lol. I hollered, "Go! Go! Save yourselves! Don't let me slow you down!" Ha ha, hee hee, lmao!

Snow is so pretty isn't it? I hope I still think so tonight at midnight when I get home from work and have to strap on the snowshoes and commence the hike up this hill.

It's OK though because after tonight, I have the next four days off!! Wheee! It's my birthday weekend. And everybody is home and I am the Queen. I decided that I want eggs and pancakes and a '5 Kings' tournament tomorrow. 5 Kings is a fun card game that my mom has. We like to play it over the xmas holidays but I think this weekend is perfect for it. Wonder if they'll let me win? Probably not. But I'm gonna win anyway, I think. And don't forget, tomorrow I am going to randomly pick a winner for my giveaway. Maybe I'll let the 5 Kings champion pick the winner. Sounds like a plan. And I will be sewing this weekend so I promise pictures of pretty, colorful quilty things instead of that white stuff. Leave a comment, last chance for the fat quarters! See y'all later.


  1. Happy Birthday! Those are some seriously windblown icicles. Love the snow pictures but can't say I envy your weather. We are in Nebraska and have had our share. Thank you very much.

    clutterbat at yahoo dot com

  2. you wanna see some icicles??? I'm gonna send you a pix of some serious icicles....

    Enjoy your birthday!!!

  3. Thanks Debbie. I bet you get your share of snow every year. We only get hit like this every 5 or 6 years. Last year was almost nothing. Have a great day. I'll pick a giveaway winner later, good luck!

  4. I'm so sick of the snow here, too - we lucked out and got way less than they were forcasting for the Chicago area.

    It's my birthday weekend, too - and the Olympics are starting. I LOVE the olympics. Happy Birthday to us!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend planned! Enjoy - and try not to worry!

  6. Happy birthday, Lisa! I hope you can stay warm today. After seeing all this, I don't think I'll complain about the noisy rain around here anymore.

  7. Those are pretty amazing Icicles. Enjoy your Birthday - and I hope they let you win.